12 Best Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

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Traditional kitchens with their Shaker cabinets and ornate pulls will always hold a special place in our hearts. And don’t get us wrong—we love an open-shelving moment. But these modern kitchen cabinet ideas—which are clean, streamlined, and entirely unencumbered—will give any space a fresh and orderly appeal.

1.Dark Grey Shaker Style Kitchen

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This impeccable dark grey shaker style kitchen brings a classic concept bang up to date. The hand-painted finish echoes the quality and craftsmanship that has gone into every inch of the design and build. Typical shaker style open shelving is given a contemporary twist with discreet lighting to showcase gleaming copperware. The design promotes a sense of space and highlights the ingenious planning that has gone into every aspect of this kitchen from its appliances to the generously-sized, bespoke island.

2. Greatest Blue Kitchen Color Scheme

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FeastHome – Blue is one of the famous color in interior design. It is a flexible color including if you want to apply it for a kitchen.

3.Fabulous Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Farmhouse kitchens have turned out to be immortal works of art that are currently duplicated inside extensive country properties, however have likewise turned into a prominent decision among city occupants, hoping to bring a portion of this casual country style to their properties’ insides. Contingent upon your perspective, this style has never been totally ‘on-pattern’ or has never been out of vogue so you can be sheltered in the information that a farmhouse kitchen is a smart speculation.

4.Inspiring Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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Those who need some great kitchen remodel ideas can consider some choices available out there. Read our article here and learn how you can transform your kitchen.

5.Elegant White Kitchen Design Ideas for Modern Home

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White has always been every homeowners’ favorite of colors. The reason behind that is simple; it doesn’t only make the space looks neat, but also elegance at the same time.

6.Inspiring Wood Hood Kitchen Makeover Ideas

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Some cherish the old wooden cupboards of the past and quickly replaced by others. When considering a kitchen makeover, contact a kitchen cabinet supplier early in the process. Cabinets are the center of attraction so make a well-informed decision.

7.Farmhouse Tabletop Arrangement Centerpieces

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You see the farmhouse style and it’s inspiring; it makes you feel lively and happy in a country setting. There are many aspects that make up this feel, and tabletop arrangements is one of them. You might have seen some farmhouse centerpieces on Fixer Upper with Joanne Gaines, or at your friends last weekend party. While it might look complicated, it really isn’t. Whether it is your entryway table, your side table, or the main visual for the dining room table, we’ve gathered 30 Farmhouse Tabletop Arrangement Centerpieces for your next project and a few products of ours that will assist in creating the farmhouse decor.

8.Stunning White Kitchen Ideas

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More often than not, you would choose a white kitchen renovation if you are a person who yearns for spotless and sleek design for your home space. Many homemakers now are choosing to cheer up their kitchens by designing it focusing on white as a binding theme.

9.Kitchen Backsplash Ideas (Tile, Glass, Metal etc.)

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There are many modern kitchen backsplash ideas can be made from a variety of styles and materials and can even come in a great number of colors to ensure it is the focal point of the kitchen and offset the kitchen design.

10.Vote on Our Kitchen Backsplash! And Kitchen/Dining Room Decor Sources

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We just had our floor tile and grout professionally cleaned by Coconut Cleaning Co. and it seemed like the perfect time to get some fresh photos of our home. I am also sharing the sources for all of our kitchen lighting, paint, and decor. So keep reading!

11.Ideas for Creating Breakfast, Beverage, & Baking Centers in Your Kitchen

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What would you say are two primary concerns most people have about their kitchens? If you said ‘Keeping things clean’ and ‘Keeping things organized’, then you would be in sync with the hundreds of homeowners I have come into contact with throughout my years as a designer! There is a growing trend now towards ‘centers’, which are geared towards addressing both of these important concerns. Centers are dedicated portions of the kitchen geared towards a specific function. Examples of this could be a Baking Center, Beverage Center or Breakfast Center to name a few. The beauty of the Center is that everything you need for that specific purpose is all contained in one space, saving time on the front end prepping/gathering before and on the back end putting away/cleaning after. I think the best way to describe this is with pictures, and I’ve got the perfect example kitchen created with all Dura Supreme Cabinetry to show you…