+30 The Battle Over Rustic Bathroom Ideas You Can Make with Pallet Wood! and How to Win It

When we think of rustic decor, we think of rough surfaces, weathered patina, and spaces that evoke a feeling of comfort and relaxation. It is no surprise that a rustic design ideas can transform a bathroom as well as turn it from rigid and basic to calming and serene. Plus, in a small room like a bathroom, rustic decor is strong enough to add personality without overwhelming the room as well as adding unnecessary clutter. some lovely examples of rustic bathroom decor.

Rustic Appear With Natural Wood

Some things say “rustic” like a natural wood finish. This lovely bathroom from this little farmhouse in Taylor has wooden beadboards that add lots of visual interest to the room. Beadboards are a traditional feature in bathrooms, but keeping the natural wood stain in place, this bathroom has an edgier rustic feel.

Sprinkle on Rustic Accessories

Not ready for a complete renovation? This gorgeous bathroom ideas proves that with just a few small accessories, you can embrace a rustic look in any space. Between the black and white checkered shower curtain as well as vintage decorative markings, you get a rustic, unchanging feel.

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Withdraw Natural Ingredients

Rustic design means embracing rugged textures, unfinished materials as well as natural elements. This stunning washbasin is one of the most creative ways to add a rustic touch to a bathroom we’ve seen. Natural limestone sinks are great with unfinished wooden vanities as well as distressed brick walls.

Add a Rustic Wallpaper

Looking for rustic bathroom ideas that don’t take a lot of commitment? We love this bathroom featuring rustic chevron wallpaper as well as farmhouse shutters. This is a great idea for tenants looking to upgrade their bathroom without changing fixtures or flooring.

Use Vintage Details

Next time you’re browsing your local thrift store or flea market, take a look at antique mirrors. As seen in this bathroom, the antique mirror walls not only make the room feel brighter and bigger, they also give off a major rustic vibe. Add it to the legged tub, and voila!

Choose Rustic Vanity

Here’s another idea for anyone who wants to enjoy a rustic atmosphere without using a full rustic cabin. This natural wood vanity from thecraftycouple ltd is rustic but still modern and perfect for any size bathroom.

Modern Farmhouse Bathrooms

If you’ve been hunting for inspiration for the perfect modern farmhouse look, check out this gorgeous bathroom. The room is large (but still cozy), and feels welcoming and warm with its use of natural wood elements and industrial-inspired wall sconces.

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