+38 The Forbidden Facts Regarding Small Bathroom Organization on a Budget Exposed by an Expert

DIY Small Bathroom Organization Ideas.

We remodeled many rooms in our house in an effort to make things more organized and looking tidy. One room in particular I’m looking for ideas for is our tiny master bathroom (in fact, all of our bathrooms are tiny)! Not much space and not much storage. So, I’ve been searching Pinterest for some DIY Small Bathroom Ideas and I’d like to share some with you today. Here are some great small bathroom organization ideas to help you maximize the storage in your bathroom.

Floating Shower Shelf

I’m pretty sure we’ll be installing some sort of shelf to take advantage of the vertical space. I love the floating shelf of this 320 Sycamore.

Under the Bin Sink Organization

Organizing with a plastic storage box like this one from Make Mary’s House keeps the area under the sink tidy! You can find these plastic storage boxes on Amazon or even at dollar stores.

Under Lazy Susan’s Sink

Using Lazy Susan to small bathroom organization in a cabinet is super clever! See how the Mini Manor Blog is arranged under the sink.

Source : Pinterest

Hair Dryer Holder

I actually just bought one of these hairdryer holders to help organize our small bathroom in our house and it works great! This hair dryer organization idea comes from A Bowl Full of Lemons.

Above the Toilet and Bar Shelf

I love this rack, the towel hanger combination from The Butlers. It looks elegant, but also very functional!

Bathroom Jar Organizer

Make good use of your small bathroom wall space with this DIY jar organizer from DIY Playbook.

Interior Door Storage

I like the idea of ​​using the back / inside of the cabinet doors for storage from BHG.

DIY Under Cabinet Storage System

I also really like this custom DIY under cabinet storage system because the plumbing in one of our bathrooms is oddly installed. This clever DIY comes from Pretty Handy Girl featuring Pink Toes and Power Tools. I found a two-tier sliding shelf on Amazon that would work really well with this bathroom arrangement system.

Wall Mounted Basket

Wall-mounted wicker window boxes or baskets can also be great storage ideas plus they look amazing.

Wire Hanging Baskets

I also love the idea of ​​hanging a wire basket on the wall like this one from A Beautiful Mess.

DIY Bathroom Jar Holder

Using small, painted Mason jars to hold small bathroom items like cotton wool is a cute idea! This great DIY is made by Rusted Treasure (update – looks like this blog has moved on, but you can apply the steps in my DIY marble storage jar to make your own little Mason jar). While small bathrooms are easier to clean than large bathrooms, there may be things you forget to clean.

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