36+ The Most Forgotten Fact About Open Concept Kitchen Living Room Small Layout Exposed

Having a small area can be a headache because you need to design it well so you can have the space you want. If you are also experiencing the same problem, you don’t need to worry because you can have an open space that allows you to have a kitchen and a living room at the same time. This will save you a lot more space in your tiny house, but you will need a great trick to make the most of the space. Here are some ideas and hacks you can try to decorate your kitchen and living room.

How to Design a Kitchens and Living Room

Even though having an open space kitchen will benefit you, you still need to worry about how to design it. It is quite difficult because you have to arrange everything well so that it is not too crowded. Not only the furniture, you also need to pay attention to the decor or even the color of the kitchen so that the open space looks wider.

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Color combinations

The first thing you need to pay attention to is choosing a color combination for your kitchen and living room. The goal here is to ensure that the living room stands out from the kitchens. You should choose a subtle color for your kitchen and a lighter color for the living room. You simply choose white as the main color for the kitchen because it will make the kitchen more spacious.

Then, you can choose green or light green for the living room. By doing so, you will attract more attention to the living rooms while at the same time, you will create the illusion of a spacious kitchen. Or, you can also give the kitchen and living room the same color so that you will create a smooth transition between the two.


The idea for having a kitchen and living room combination is to arrange the furniture as simply as possible. You may prefer to have kitchen cabinets, but it will make the room look cluttered. If you want to make the living room and kitchens blend well, you need to consider removing the kitchen cabinets.

It would be better if you remember having only the necessary items in your kitchen and living room to make the room look more spacious. You can also choose to have more furniture in the living room or in the kitchen to increase productivity in either area.


Choosing your open space kitchen layout is also important, especially when you haven’t finished the room. There are different types of layouts that you can choose from, such as a one-wall modular kitchen which allows you to mount kitchen utensils on it, a kitchen kitchen layout that adopts a galley kitchen, or a U-shaped kitchen which allows you to have more cooking space. You have to choose your layout carefully as you may need to give your home a new makeover later.


The last thing that you can’t forget is choosing the right lighting for your open space kitchen. This lighting will give the illusion of a wider area to the room, or it will also make the room look crumpled. It’s great if you have wide windows that let light into the room because it will automatically make the room look more spacious.

However, if you don’t have windows, you can still hang an elegant chandelier with bright light to help you create a similar illustration. You can also put some spotlights in a softer light over the countertop or kitchens bar to provide a focal point in the kitchen and living room.

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