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Impress your guests – and yourself – every time you walk in

Apartment owners understand that if you have the correct entryway, no matter the size, it means that you do what you can to make the most of the space possible. For design lovers, that might mean taking the opportunity to make a statement with wallpaper or flooring. For homeowners who need more storage, maybe they would prefer a custom made wardrobe with a special place for everything. See how these Sweeten remodeling experts bring their small entryway ideas to life and accept a friendly, functional space in exchange!

A small, multi-functional entryway welcomes guests (and hides the fridge!)

Sunghee and Joseph had to make the most of their 44-square-foot kitchen as much as possible, which meant moving their fridge (which took up a quarter of the space) to the entryway. Their architects came up with a storage wall that accommodates an integrated refrigerator, microwave, and cabinets for shoes and cleaning supplies. He turned the foyer into a multi-functional area that made small spaces more organized.

Small entryway ideas that create an open dining area, set shoes

There have been many renovations in the combination of Zoe and Arvid’s moving apartment. One of them includes a redesigned foyer. They make use of structural columns and create hidden cabinets for shoes (they are a shoeless household). On the other hand, they created an open dining area with a bulkhead structure that neatly hides the non-removable gas enhancer.

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Demonstrate a wardrobe to create a charming entryway with a custom built-in

Instead of guarding their long, narrow hallway, Sheilaja and Sergio decided to open them and open two cabinets. This newly found space allows for a dining area and a wall of bookshelves. What they lose in the warehouse, they replace in the kitchen, plus they get a much friendlier and more helpful entryway.

The geometric wallpaper adds maximum visual impact to a small entryway

An entryway doesn’t have to be a multipurpose space to make an impact. Barbra and Sean let their porch set the color for the rest of their colorful home with bold geometric wallpaper. They use the same pattern behind a recess in the kitchen for sustainability.

A rowhouse’s take on a fun small entryway ideas: Cement & textured wallpaper

Monique was moving from apartment to tenement, so she was excited to create a pleasant and welcoming entryway. She chose handmade cement tiles for a wow effect as soon as friends and family walked in the door. For some visual interest in the walls, she chose textured wallpaper.

Two-sided built-in adds visual interest and separation to a small entryway

When you walk into the door to the house of architects Brett and Terri, you can see into the living room. Plus, the dining room is right next to the door. To better connect the spaces, while creating a sense of separation, their contracting factory workers designed a double-sided built-in bookcase.

A narrow entryway extends with some demolition of the wardrobe, floor-to-ceiling wallpaper

Laura and Randy’s entryway is surrounded by cabinets on either side which are great for storage but make the space look cramped. They took off one set on one wall, and made a larger walk-in on the other. In terms of design, they use geometric wallpaper that covers the space from floor to ceiling.

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