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The family room is arguably the most important area in the house! This is where you can relax, unwind, entertain guests, and unwind after a long day. Having a fireplace in your living room can make it a more cozy space! Relaxing and having fun in front of a campfire is a lovely thing to look forward to after work or on the weekend. However, a living room with a fireplace design can be a difficult challenge. How do you incorporate a fireplace into your layout and design plans?

There are definitely some extra considerations when you are dealing with a living room with a fireplace design combination. Would you like to watch TV as well as a seat by the fireplace? Do you want the fireplace to be the main focal point? Is the fireplace really working or just for show? We’ve put together a room that shows you how to create the perfect living room with a fireplace design to help you start imagining the possibilities for your home.

Layout: Formal Fireplace Designs

This space has a basic living room layout that incorporates a fireplace into the living area. This is a conversational setting with ample seating for large gatherings. And the fireplace does not take over as the main focal point, but is seamlessly integrated into the room so that everyone can still enjoy it.

Layout: Sofa Facing the Fireplace

This layout also facilitates conversation, but still makes the fireplace the main focus of the room. This is a great place to relax in front of the fireplace with intimate seating.

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Layout: Symmetrical Sofa Design

We love the look of this more formal living room with matching sofas facing each other. It is optimal for conversation and entertainment purposes. It’s not the best layout for watching TV, but it’s great for reading books, drinking coffee and entertaining friends.

Layout: Corner Fireplace Design

This casual layout incorporates a fireplace into the mix. It has a lounge atmosphere with rocking chairs and decorations around the fireplace. The seating is open with space between the fireplace and sofa, creating a warm and inviting layout.

Layout: Conversation Fireplace Design

This is another great layout that addresses conversations and face-to-face time with your guests. The sofa faces the fireplace and the chair faces the sofa for the best conversation setting. The furniture floats in the space but is based on symmetry and a large rug so the room feels very deliberate and put together.

Layout: Cozy Fireplace Nook

This is a great layout if you are using the fireplace as a decorative element, not a functional feature of the space. This look has a book added inside the fireplace and decorations on top of it for a casual, non-intimidating fireplace layout living room. Plus, the fireplace is at the end of the room as a backdrop – it’s not a focal point, but definitely makes a statement in this space!

Layout: Dual Focus Point Design

This layout has an L-shaped cross section overlooking the fireplace and open kitchen or dining area. A pieceless floating furniture layout anchored to the wall opens the room to another space and allows conversation without feeling claustrophobic and cramped.

Layout: Sofa In Front of Fireplace

We absolutely love this unexpected layout idea for a living room with a fireplace! If you don’t use a fireplace and or don’t want to include it in the layout, placing a luxurious sofa in front of it is a great way to maximize space. It also uses a fireplace as an architectural backdrop!

Layout: Sectional Chaise Design

This layout features furniture pulled off the wall and set closer to the fireplace for a homey feeling. Large armchairs offer a place to sit, relax and drink wine near the fire and the cross section creates a more relaxed and relaxed look. It is the ideal setting for small group and conversation.

Layout: Fireplace as a Background

This layout features a symmetrical sofa that frames the fireplace in the background. Block seats in the seating area from the inside to keep the space open as you enter. This provides a comfortable conversation seating area without covering the far side of the room.

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