Small Apartment Living Organization Bathroom Ideas

A small bathroom is the most difficult thing to arrange storage organization especially in an apartment. Many items need to be stored in the bathroom. Most of them are small and generally beautiful. And since you use this product multiple times a day, it can easily become a stress-free environment that doesn’t work well. It’s not a good way to start or end the day.

The first step (after washing!) to taking an order to the restroom without a procedure is to make sure everything has its place. It’s even harder because the lack of space affects everything from where you store your toothbrush and toothpaste to where you store your extra towels and toilet paper. That’s where the recommendations come from. Let go of the need for space you leave behind, throw away all thoughts of how things should “fix” you, and open yourself up to other organizational issues. – Workaround.

You can use the lazy Susan in your bathroom to reach the back area more easily.

The turntable is the perfect weapon for anyone planning a secret weapon and is perfect for brewing your unique jars and bottles. Choose a turntable with a slight lip (or a turntable with a backstop) to prevent small bottles and bottles from slipping. You can place a large bottle in the center. Or on the edge to see everything you have and get what you want.

Provide shelves ready for friends or family to keep items and cabinets neat.

If more than one person in your household uses the same bathroom, keep items in the drawer longer to reduce competition and change germs. Say “Hey, he’s using my toothpaste and squeezing it in the middle!” Give each cabin a name to alert everyone to put their items back exactly where they are.

Attach a long rod across the shower, then hang the shower head or other object.

Need more storage space in your bathroom? Heavy-duty straps and S-hooks provide an immediate solution to your shower length. There is space for bath accessories and supplies, as well as air conditioning so you can dry towels and towels. Roll up towels and store them in a vertical file list. Avoid cluttering your tissues and towels in your closet and dropping them. There are no small pieces of scarves that look like rags. This retention method using vertical log sorters is nice and convenient.

Decant shampoo and other shower essentials to visually reduce clutter

We know there are real accidents and we work hard to get them out of the bathroom. However, there is visual confusion, colorful text and the “noise” of the different volumes. To make your bath with the spa feel the way you want, apply eye drops and transfer them to a drying box.

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