20 On a Budget DIY Home Decor Ideas for Your Small Apartment

Whether you have rented your very first small apartment or have recently downsized to a much smaller unit due to budgeting concerns, it is important to know that you can still create a warm, cozy respite for yourself without spending large sums of money. The key to doing so lies in determining which aspects of your apartment are making it look shabby. You can then find inexpensive ways to cover these things or to detract attention away from them.

Light For Apartment Decoration

The amount of lighting that a space gets will usually determine its atmosphere. For instance, bright and airy spaces tend to seem a lot larger and more inviting then those that are perpetually dim. If you have the ability to alter the paint in your unit, a bright white or a muted and soft yellow can do the trick. Otherwise, you should purchase larger, framed painting from the thrift store.

Visiting a local dollar store is an important part of your decorated efforts. You can find low-cost lighting solutions to shed brighten up the pictures that you purchase. You can also find a number of scented, votive and taper candles at very low prices. These can be placed in empty wine bottles and other decorative containers, including mason jars. You can fill these with sand or colored rocks.

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Plants For Your Apartment Decoration

Fresh, live plants will certainly help to improve the feel of the home as well. Look for hearty species that will thrive in the typical amount of natural light that you normally receive. Succulents are extraordinarily robust, even when cared for by those with limited experience.

Stock up on comfortable throw blankets and pillows while shopping the thrift store. When you work hard to make your home comfortable, people tend to pay less attention to the fine details that can detract form its overall appearance. Stock your shelves with plenty of books and add decorative teapots and other elements to keep the eyes busy. You should be careful, however, to avoid collecting too much clutter. Each element should be chosen to coordinate or blend well with the others.

Buy a number of colorful, wholesale scarves. These can be used to dress up your window treatments or to cover nightstands, shelves and tables that are looking a bit worn on their surfaces. When you are able to replace threadbare furnishing with more quality items, you can begin transferring your scarves to serve other purposes, such as dressing up your lighting elements or using them to cover your throw pillows


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