73 Modern Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Modern farmhouse living room ideas are what many decorators are hoping to find in this home design trend.

There are two major areas of focus for modern farmhouse living room ideas. One is the bedroom and the other is the den. In the bedroom, it is common to use a nice dresser for storage while adding a dressing table or desk.

When choosing the den for your home decor, you want to avoid the more traditional red wood as it can look cluttered and it will not really work for the den. Instead, try to choose a softer color such as rust, beige or white for the walls and opt for an easy chair with rounded corners. Rustic pine is a great choice for a furniture piece and you can even get natural hardwood in a beautiful grain and color to match the den walls.

Modern farmhouse style furniture can look incredibly chic in the kitchen or dining room. However, because of the abundance of different kitchen cabinets and counter tops, you do not want to make it look too cluttered or messy. You can opt for neutral wooden types of kitchen tables and chairs and use the cabinetry to hide the clutter behind them.

You can add a small bar for some warm drinks to help relax you while you eat your meal, or you can use the space for comfortable chairs and tables.

Again, opt for a hardwood flooring that will compliment the other decor.

Modern farmhouse living room ideas will allow you to have some fun in the kitchen. You can also have plates and bowls made out of cast iron, stone or even glass.

Modern farmhouse living room ideas can really transform the look of your home and give it a great personality boost.

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