91 Best Farmhouse Spaces We’ve Seen This Month

This month’s best Farmhouse Spaces We’ve Seen includes a farmhouse interior made from a converted garage. Founded in the late 19th century, this was built with an artificial pond. I think I’m glad they moved. Beautiful.

Next, we have a dream home interior made out of a converted barn. Oh, yes, the barn. The barn is such a classic structure and always brings a sense of warmth to an area.

I love the way this wooden barn has been fashioned into a comfortable home. Nice, with contemporary touches. There are some lovely large windows and big cabinetry to keep the furniture off the floor.

Next, we’ve got an old farmhouse that had been transformed into a beautiful home interior design. This is almost a perfect modern home interior design. No wonder it looks so much better than a new home.

Also from the farmhouse is the Stirling Stable House, which features a design that looks completely different from a typical farmhouse. You can practically see the sun rising in the morning. A great day in the country! Next, we have a sectional Farmhouse, designed by the master stucco artist who created some wonderful collections.

Just imagine the look of clean and bright. And what a space. Simple but elegant.

Finally, we’ve got the most amazing of all Farmhouse Spaces We’ve Seen. It looks like the barn that only has room for one bed and one chair. No room for more, as far as I can tell. There’s definitely a more interesting solution for a living room that was once a barn.

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