Small Clothes Closet Organization

Many of us can’t afford the luxury of a large closet, but we still want to save money. One way to do this is by setting up small clothes closet in your home. They are usually small enough to fit in any corner of your house. They come in all kinds of different designs and styles so you can find one that will work perfectly with your style.

Clothes and Shoes Organisers

If chaos is king inside your drawers or wardrobe, our SKUBB storage series puts you back in charge. The boxes and hanging organisers in different sizes mean you can divide and rule your clothes, shoes and accessories so you find everything fast.

SKUBB – Box, set of 6, white

These small boxes bring order to your chaos helping you to sort socks, lingerie, and accessories. Use one or a few in each drawer depending on your needs. You can use them in the bathroom too.

SKUBB – Storage with 6 compartments, white

Need more shelves for your folded clothes? Simply hang this storage inside your wardrobe or on a freestanding rack. Use with other SKUBB products for complete control of your wardrobe.

Box For Socks

STUK – Box with compartments, white or grey

Have one box for socks, another for training gear or folded sweaters. These boxes divide your storage and make good use of space. Use with other STUK products for complete control of your storage spaces.

source IKEA

You need to think carefully before making a choice when it comes to small closet organization. There are some things that you just don’t want to do. Do not go for a large closet that will take up too much room. You want it to be the right size for you but also to not be too much room that you can’t manage with your other items. This could lead to an unpleasant-smelling closet. If you are trying to save money, you don’t want to spend money on a closet that will keep your clothes smelling like old socks because you are running out of room to store them.

Closet Hooks

PINNIG Rack with 3 hooks, black

Plenty of hanging possibilities for your jackets, bags and accessories. Combines perfectly with PINNIG shoe bench and if you need more hooks, simply mount two or more racks in a row.

source IKEA

Closet hooks, also called hanging hooks, are made of many different materials.

Most common materials include wood, stainless steel, and plastic. Some hooks have a hook head, which is a short metal strip with teeth for hanging. Other hooks have no hook at all and hang only from the wall as a decorative piece. No matter what kind of hooks you choose, they are designed to hang on the wall and provide extra storage space for small clothes closet, shoes, jewelry, and other items.


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