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If you’re looking for kid’s bed accessories and canopies to add to your child’s bedroom then I have great news for you. There are many choices in the canopy as well as bed covers available that can add a lot of color and character to your child’s room without over-doing it. Here’s a look at some of the most popular canopy types for kids’ beds as well as other canopies that your child can enjoy.

KURA – Bed tent, dinosaur

Under this bed tent your child sleeps snug with an entire world of exciting dinosaurs around them. Big, tough friends who guard as well as protect against monsters and other dangers lurking in the dark.

Type Ideas For Canopy Bed

KURA – Bed tent with curtain, gray or white

With this bed tent you can transform the bed into a small house with doors, windows as well as a curtain. Fun to play in during the day and cozy to crawl into when it’s time to say good night.

The first canopy type that we’re going to talk about is the canopy bed cover. This kind of bed cover is made from durable fabric and features four corners that have a zip closure. You can either get a hooded canopy or just a plain one with no markings to help keep your child’s eyes from getting equity. This type of canopy has many other useful features including safety locks, a removable canopy, and a removable head rail. This canopy will also help to keep a child warm while they sleep.

LÖVA – Bed canopy, green

With a bed canopy over the cradle, crib or bed, you create a calm place that makes a child’s room extra cozy, like in a fairytale. Here, your child will sleep like a prince or princess.

Color For Canopy Bed Kids

SUFFLETT – Bed tent, pink

With this bed tent you can quickly and easily create a cozy, secluded part of your child’s bed – regardless if it’s 27 ½ , 31 ½ or 35 ⅜” wide. Nice to crawl under to read, rest or sleep.

Another popular canopy type that kids use to keep them cool is the canopy. These canopy-type kids bed accessories come in a variety of colors and designs, which helps to keep their sleep warm and comfortable as well. Most canopy bed covers feature fabric that is not only easy to wash but very resistant to mildew and stains. The canopy will also keep a child’s head and body out of the way while they sleep to ensure they are not disturbed.

source IKEA

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