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Quality And Design Shelving Units

Tall Oak Shelving Units has a long and glorious history that goes back to around the year 1800. If you have ever wondered if they still have the same great quality and design that they once had, then you need to check out what they are offering today. The shelves themselves have not changed much in this century and that is great news for those who like to store everything that is big enough to put on the floor in their own homes. There are so many different styles of this storage unit, you can have all of your furniture arranged and still have plenty of room left over for things that are smaller in size.

Loft Open Shelf Unit

Crafted from reclaimed materials for an authentic touch, our tall, striking book case is the perfect storage solution for an industrial interior. Each piece features a bold black frame with four generous shelves, ideal for storing books and displaying object.

Style For Shelving Units

Industrial Shelf Trolley – Tall

Designed to create an industrial look in your living space, our tall, slimline storage unit has four wood shelves with visible wood grain details and a black metal frame with castors for easy mobility. Versatile enough to be positioned anywhere in the home, it will make a bold style statement wherever you choose to place it.

Many people like Tall Oak Shelving Units because of the style they have as well as the fact that they are extremely durable. If you have ever thought about purchasing one of these for your home, then you will want to know what to look for to ensure that you are buying the best one possible. You should also make sure that it is in top condition so that it lasts a long time.

Marble Topped Shelf Unit

Luxurious in tone with an elegant inlaid marble surface and rich acacia wood frame, our Marble Topped Shelf Unit will instantly enrich as well as update any interior look. With Mid-century principles at each turn, as well as an open framed shelf portion, our shelf unit does not appear too heavy, dispite the ample storage and display possibilities.

Shelving Units Sizes

Fjord Oak Display Shelf

Our Scandinavian inspired Fjord Oak Display Shelf has the power to transform a space to one that is better looking, and better functioning. Here, such is the Scandinavian way, form marries function for a look that is both uncomplicated and design led.

Remember that Tall Oak Shelving Units is an excellent choice for your home if you are looking to store all of your stuff. They come in all sorts of different sizes and you will find that they fit all kinds of different rooms in your house. There are several different types that are being sold on the market today, so you will want to take a look at what is available to see which ones you want and what kind of designs you would prefer. Once you have the right Tall Oak Shelving Unit, you will find that you have a great place to put all of your large items in and you will find that you have more space in your home for the smaller items that you no longer have room to hang.

Oak Display Shelf

Slender and contemporary with a fresh look and feel, our Scandinavian designed shelf unit is perfect for compact spaces. Crafted from blonde oak with four tiered shelves that get deeper as they descend and two cylindrical poles to support, this ladder style piece will enable you to store and display your favorite object.

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