Outdoor Kitchen Ideas & Inspirations

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Are you looking for outdoor kitchen ideas & inspirations? You are certainly not alone! Outdoor kitchen concepts are getting more popular by the minute. So it is amazing how many people have no clue about the practicality of such an outdoor space, let alone the possibility to include it into their home building budget. However, if you want a unique outdoor kitchen that is truly impressive, then you can’t go wrong with a custom built deck or patio. Not only will it add value to your home and add significantly to your life’s quality time, it also offers a lot of flexibility.


Whether it is a patio, suburban terrace or rural mansion you can have an outdoor kitchen that you will be proud of for many years to come. ProFresco Signature 4 Trio package includes BeefEater 4 burner barbecue, outdoor fridge, double drawers, double doors as well as a granite work top.

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Expand your living space by installing an outdoor kitchen in your garden! This ProFresco Signature 5 Trio outdoor kitchen features a Signature S3000 5 burner barbecue. In addition to a 120 litre outdoor fridge, the kitchen also includes double drawers, double doors and a granite work top.

There are many outdoor kitchen ideas as well as inspirations floating around out there. Some of them include building an extension to the back of your home or on the side (if you have an empty lot) and placing an outdoor gas grill on the roof of your house, but those are really the extreme cases. So if you have an empty deck, you could simply create a covered pavilion to bring some more usable space into your outdoor living area. So there are many options available for building whatever arrangement you think will work best for your needs.


Live life Al Fresco with this incredible outdoor kitchen. Featuring galvanized materials, an inbuilt outdoor refrigerator, ample storage space as well as a powerful Beef Eater Signature barbecue. This kitchen set features everything you need for an outdoor kitchen.

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Featuring galvanized materials, an in built outdoor refrigerator, ample storage space and the best in class Beef Eater Proline barbecue. This outdoor kitchen is a true top of the line outdoor kitchen.

For most people, an outdoor kitchen is simply a more convenient way to cook and eat. So it allows you to be outdoors without having to deal with the weather. As well as there are several different types of outdoor kitchens, ranging from small fire pits that only heat up one portion of the table, to larger fire pits that cover the entire table and have grills throughout. There are outdoor kitchen ideas & inspirations for every kind of space, so don’t feel like you have to choose a design from the latest model or be limited to the designs that are in vogue. The important thing to remember is that your outdoor kitchen should be a reflection of your own personal style.


Our outdoor kitchens are a classy addition to any outdoor cooking environment. This ProFresco Proline 6 Aero package features a BeefEater ProLine™ 6 burner barbecue. Supplied on a ‘island plinth’ and includes 3 sets of double drawers and a granite work top.

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