Cozy Bedroom Ideas Come in All Colors and Styles

Furniture Ideas For Cozy Bedroom

The concept of how to make a cozy bedroom with smaller bedroom furniture is especially top-of Mind during the colder months. But even if you do have a fairly small bedroom, you probably know there’s a fine line between clutter and coziness. Even a tattering bed sheet can make a room feel cramped, but too little clutter can also make a room feel empty and impersonal. In order to successfully cozy up with your bedroom furniture, there are several things you can do. Some of these will really enhance the atmosphere in the room while others will add a touch of warmth and homely feeling to the space.

Basi Walnut Queen Bed Frame

Modern and dreamlike, the Basi floating bed-frame lulls the sleepy with its sleek, minimalist style and super-solid construction. Using the highest quality veneer, solid-plywood support slats, as well as solid wood legs, the Basi will support your dreams for years to come.

Cozy Bedroom Design Ideas

Tessu Clay Taupe King Bed

Modern, minimal, but still cozy. The Tessu upholstered bed is covered with a linen-feel polyester fabric blend, lightly stuffed for maximum comfort. For the bedroom that seeks modern minimalism without sacrificing that welcoming feeling: the Tessu is for you.

So one way to make sure you create a warm, cozy feeling in a space is to make use of a reading nook or area in the bedroom. This is an ideal place for reading, watching television or chatting with a friend. A reading nook is a great place for romance to thrive, as well as you should embrace any opportunity you get to read in this area of your home. You can also transform a drab reading space into a cozy bedroom ideas by adding more throw pillows and inviting accents like a warm comforter and fluffy towels.

Lenia Walnut Queen Bed

Simple pleasures. The Lenia bed takes notes from the Shaker school of design: tapered legs and spindles, solid as well as veneered walnut, concealed joinery, and an unadorned silhouette. The Lenia’s quiet beauty will take center stage in your bedroom. Sweet dreams.

Lighting Ideas For Cozy Bedroom Decor

Nera Walnut Queen Bed with Nightstands

The Nera is finished with veneered American walnut. Dark and moody, it’s Don Draper without the personal shortcomings. Nightstand extensions give the Nera a commanding presence with thoughtful touches, such as the wire-nook that you can thread your phone-charger through, and soft-close nightstand drawers to discreetly hide your midnight snacks.

Accent lighting is a fantastic way to incorporate cozy bedroom ideas into your decorating scheme. By choosing soft, calming colors like off white and cream for the walls and accent lighting in rich amber, apple green, or olive colors, you can also create a visually comforting environment. Incorporate color into the texture of your furnishings. Use warm colors that flow throughout the room like deep burgundy that runs from the bed to the dresser as well as onto the walls. Add splashes of color with throw pillows and accent lighting in your furniture’s upholstery.

Taiga Oak King Bed

An American White Oak veneered wood frame on blackened iron legs, this bed comes with an industrial chic pedigree. A wire brushed finish exposes the beauty of the grain with naturally occurring knots as well as exposed bolts all contributing to the vintage character.

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