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Bookcase Ideas For Your Home

You can tell a lot about how much of an artistic person someone is by the way they treat their bookcases. Bookcases are not just for books anymore, you can hang any type of item on them such as photos, memorabilia and any other objects that make your home feel a little bit more artistic. The old school bookcase was made out of mostly wood and was quite handsome but today’s more modern designs are sleek and simple and are definitely eye-catching. The modern bookcase design is quite different from the older ones in that it usually doesn’t look like it is sitting on a bookshelf at all.

Vanguard Tall Shelf

The Vanguard Tall Shelf mixes simple, modern aesthetics with sturdy, industrial materials. This contemporary bookshelf is made from gray powder-coated steel with l-shaped corners as well as walnut wood grain veneer shelves. A matching low shelf, TV stand and desk are also available.

Design Ideas For Modern Bookcase

Bravo Double Book Shelf | Antique Nutmeg

The Bravo Double Book Shelf combines a simple design with rustic finishes for a truly unique piece that’ll look great in a variety of decors. The five long wooden shelves feature a warm antique nutmeg finish.

For one thing, a modern bookcase must not have any shelves built into them at all. Shelves were always part of the traditional bookcase design and even the ones that didn’t have any shelves were still very aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This is not the case with modern bookcases because the designers don’t really feel like there is any need for shelves on them. Instead, what happens is that all of the items that you place on top of the shelf are there permanently. So instead of using a shelf, which would look quite tacky, the designer may opt for a flat surface that looks similar to a counter top.

Sigma Bookcase | Matte Black

The Sigma Bookcase is made from sturdy chipboard with a matte black melamine laminate finish for easy cleaning. The alternating, stairstep cubby design with a single offest back makes it a truly unique shelf for showing off your favorite trinkets, framed photos as well as books.

Type Of Design For Modern Bookcase

Delta Quad Bookcase | Pure Black

The Delta Quad Bookcase in pure black has a dynamic flair due to its diagonal lines and varied shelf heights. This contemporary shelf is a great place to show off your favorite framed photos or other home accents. They are constructed with honeycomb inlay panels framed with chipboard and encased in a lacquered MDF shell. This reduces weight but increases durability and strength.

A modern bookcase can have any type of design that the owner would want it to have. If you want a very sleek design, then the designers will have the ability to choose from a lot of different materials that can either be glass or metal and they will be left with the final choice of whether the bookcase will have a frame or it will sit on the floor. Whatever your preferences are, there is a modern bookcase that will probably fit your taste perfectly.

Cubic Bookcase | Cappuccino

The modern-retro appeal of The Cubic Bookcase, plus its versatile storage and display options, make it a must have for any contemporary home. It is finished on all sides in cappuccino laminate so it can float in a room as a wall divider.

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