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Modern Kitchen Design

Sleek and slick are the buzzwords behind modern and ultra-modern kitchen designs ideas these days. One of the most common as well as popular design themes for kitchen these days is the industrial look. So this style presents a cold and professional look that means business. Within many modern designs stainless steel appliances and cooking utensils dominate, and both countertops and floors are made from stone. Concrete and slate are most popular for floors, while granite tends to dominate modern countertops.

Stunning custom kitchen design from French range. Does it get any better than this.

Country Kitchen Design

Street’s custom kitchens are designed by Studio Sofield, featuring breathtaking views with abundant light. Custom cabinetry in light hand-rubbed finish. White kitchen quartzite countertop and backsplash. As well as stainless steel appliances. Perhaps our favorite detail is the curved glass and cabinetry, reflecting the building’s distinct facade.

There are few designs these days more popular than country kitchen designs ideas. Drawing on the warmth as well as down-home feelings of rural living, a country kitchen will make anyone feel welcome as well as cared for.

The kitchen cabinetry furniture feet provides an added touch of customization to this soft transitional space. A matching walk-in pantry provides additional storage as well as countertop prep space.

Small Kitchen Design

Stunning cabinet color to make a statement in this kitchen.

Unlike larger kitchen spaces (which provide you with more design freedom) small kitchens need to be optimized for function before you take aesthetics into consideration. More than anything else, it’s important that you are able to accomplish all of your cooking tasks as comfortably as possible when you’re working in a limited space.

This kitchen featuring a massive island, coffered ceiling as well as Thermador integrated refrigeration.

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