Front Porch Designs – Know Your Porch’s Purpose

The designs of the front porch usually follows the architectural model of the house – such as rustic, contemporary, or maybe Victorian style. The style of the terrace must match the architectural style of the house. Otherwise, it will look out of place and not give you the traction you need. But just as importantly, when deciding which porch style you want, consider it and plan it for its real purpose.

How will your porch be used?

Source : Laine & Layne

One of the best things we did for this space was finish the floor by painting it with concrete paint.

Many builders paid little attention to the terraces even though that is changing across the country. Many of us choose an attractive and functional terrace. Stoop doesn’t do it. So start by determining what you do most designs on your front porch. Whether building a new homepage or updating an existing one, cost is always a determining factor. That which is given, make the most of what you can afford.

Since our concrete was raw and unfinished prior to painting, we pressure washed the floor, used a metal trowel to scrape up any concrete globs or other debris on the floor, taped off around the brick and our columns, primed the floor with this concrete primer, and then applied two coats of Slate Gray paint. It was so simple and we honestly can’t believe we didn’t do this sooner.

We wanted this space to really feel like an extension of our indoors and a neutral place for us to be able to enjoy and rest.

We advise them to make it wide enough to accommodate the porch swing and provide ample play space for their three children. The terrace can then comfortably accommodate not only their family but their children’s friends as well! They also potentially have room for adult conversation areas. They will incorporate these ideas into a rustic-style patio that is roughly nine feet wide.

One of our favorite things in this space is this brass tripod planter. We decided to move our fig tree (that was in our living room) back onto the front porch and we love the height it adds to this corner.

Home for Entertainment and Celebrations

  • Do you envision using your homepage for entertainment?
  • Or would you rather have room for quiet contemplation to watch the world go by?
  • Do you have a look that you want to take advantage of?
  • Will you be celebrating birthdays and summer holidays on your porch?
  • Do you like decorating for the holidays?

We brought this bench from IKEA out onto the porch beside the front door to hold plants and to have a place for the boys to sit and take their shoes off before heading inside.

Once you have identified the main purpose of your porch’s, determine what you will need. For the purpose of decorating an additional electrical outlet (on the terrace and possibly in a sofit) would be ideal. If you want more privacy, consider its location and the landscape around your patio. If you like listening to soft music on your patio, consider outdoor speakers.

Home Screen and Home Three Seasons

We love having plants in every corner this time of year.

If you enjoy dining outdoors, a great option is to turn a section of the veranda into a screen or three-season porch. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing and this way you’ll get the best of both worlds. Because there are so many kinds of screen printing materials that you can find that will complement the color of your terrace and your home.

Adding this 5×7 Indoor/Outdoor rug really added to making this sitting area more comfortable and truly feeling like another “room” to enjoy.

Small Veranda

Loved the idea of adding this magazine rack out here- a modern and practical element.

Most people have small porches. You can enhance the design by creating a landscape around it to give yourself more space. You can then use it for quiet conversation or just to relax and read a good book.

Source : Laine & Layne

Our home faces west, so when the sun sets, we get the prettiest glow in the evenings on our front porch and it really is our favorite time to enjoy being out here.

Determine the purpose designs of your front porch and include requirements in the overall design, whether it be Victorian, Southwestern, Colonial or Contemporary. You will be glad you took the time to think about how you will use your porch. You will be more satisfied with the results.

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