Have Fun Designing the French Country Kitchen in Your Own Home!

With its bright colors and rustic accents, French Country brings feelings of warmth, kinship and happiness, it’s no wonder the French Country Kitchen design is a popular theme for many kitchens across America. Turning your kitchen into a fun family hangout comparable to what can be found in Southern France can easily be achieved with a few paints, well-placed accessories and accent pieces.

There are three essential elements in recreating a French country design theme in your own home. These elements are found in your choice of colors, natural materials, and accent pieces. Let’s discuss it in detail now!


Your choice of paint color will be at the heart of this design theme. As mentioned earlier, evoking feelings of warmth and happiness is important and part of what makes this decoration popular. When you’re looking for color inspiration, think about paintings by some of the great French artists like Van Gogh and Monet. Blue, poppy red, burnt orange, and even green are acceptable colors found in this theme. Gold and yellow sunflowers are also great accent color ideas. The most popular French country color combinations are blue and gold and poppy red and gold.

Plenty Of Blooms

Fill the room with flowers and opt for antique, classic vases for a French-country look. This geometric floor design personalizes the long, narrow galley kitchen.

Retro-Inspired Appliances

Consider an on-trend yet timeless color combination for a bold kitchen statement. Retro-inspired appliances are great way to balance out the more modern elements and give it a French-countryside feel.

A Regal Range

French country can be formal, too: It’s all in the range. The floating kitchen island is a great place to work and also offers extra storage space.

Natural materials

Wardrobes, furniture and tiles are also important for this theme. You should avoid furniture styles that are more contemporary or modern. Look for dining tables, benches and chairs that have the look of antique wood, plain pine wood or even wood painted in natural colors that complements your wall color choice. A banquette-style seating area with patterned cushions makes for a cozy, fluid dining space perfectly with this theme. The back tiles splashed with a rustic design influence work well. Splash the back with vegetables, cornucopias, fruits or even cute bird images to use in this decor.

High Ceilings

This French-country-inspired (hello, wrought-iron pendant) California kitchen feels like the perfect balance between classic, cozy, and refined. A light blue hue brings in color without overwhelming the senses.

Rustic Bones

If you don’t want to call the contractor to customize an island in the kitchen, bring in a long wood table that can double as a dining surface. Opt for open shelves for a casual look (as well as easy access to cookware) that really puts the spotlight on the rustic bones of your kitchen.

Exposed Beams

Just beyond the island is a grand dining area enhanced by exposed beams. The long pendants accentuate the high ceilings, giving it an air that’s equal parts formal and approachable.

Accent piece

The country of France is the only design theme where roosters, hens and copper hanging pots are all combined !! Accessories are the most pleasing place for you with this decorating style. Using copper pots and large copper utensils as wall hangings seems like the most common, but don’t be afraid to play around with different bouquets as well. Dried flowers, especially lavender. Store fresh flowers in a vase on your table to bring the outdoors in and while adding a pleasant aroma.

Labeled Jars and Crates

Labeled jars and an approachable color scheme accented by polished materials give this contemporary kitchen by Corey Damen Jenkins just a touch of French country–style pizzazz. Use vintage containers or label your own found items, like crates, for a similar look as well as streamlined storage.

Display Cabinets

Source : House Beautiful

Designer and architect Garrow Kedigian gave this NYC apartment kitchen a French country spin with display cabinets stacked with classic china, hanging copper cookware galore, and a cobalt La Cornue stove. And, though you can’t see them here, he also tucked two matching blue stools from the Paris Flea under the island.

This design theme is meant to be fun, inviting, and warm – so enjoy the process of putting it all together. You don’t need to spend a fortune as well as in all likelihood – you will probably be able to find most of what you need in your basement or attic! Check out local yard sales or visit your local Goodwill or Salvation Army store for great finds too!

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