Top Living Room Decorating Ideas To Conjure A Cozy Ambience

The living room is a special place where the owner’s friends live to chat and mingle. So it is only natural that the living room is one of the parts of the house that has the best decoration. And usually, families want a cozy living room. So, without further ado, here are a few tips on how to make your living room one of the cozy parts of your sweet home.

Sectionalize Your Living Room

Determine which part of the living room will be used as your focal point in designing it. This tip is most useful for people with large living rooms. The focal point is important to decide on as it will make your living room decor much less boring. Get your creativity started flowing by imagining that your living room has no walls as well as dividing it into different function areas.

Upgrade Your Gallery Wall

Instead of a classic gallery wall of photos and artwork, put something quirky on display. This gallery of hats in a family room designed by Tamsin Johnson, for example, spruces up the walls while also making the room feel more personalized and unique.

Upholster Everything

Okay, well, you don’t have to upholster literally everything, but if you have little kids running around, the softer your anchor items the better. A fabric-covered ottoman with a tray on top, for example, is much more family-friendly than a glass coffee table (and did you know? You can even upholster walls!). It can be kid-proof as well as upscale if you use a mix of classic and playful prints, traditional pieces, and unexpected colors. This polished space by Nick Olsen is a great example.

Incorporate Laid-Back Materials

This simple family room designed by Robert McKinley Studio incorporates tons of texture, from the rug to the shades and the sofa. These casual materials make it feel family-friendly while still be fresh and stylish.

Have Fun With Color

Too outrageous? No such thing. With a gold statement ceiling, tangerine walls, floral motifs, as well as pops of color everywhere, this family room designed by Katie Ridder isn’t afraid to have fun.

Choose Your Lounge or Hang Out Area

Where are the best places to hang out? After deciding which place to hang out with, start filling it with eyecandy coating. A club chair or large sofa can make the area really conducive to relaxing. Ottomans or customized sections are fine too, as long as you’re on the budget, of course. Place the wardrobes too, for a more accented look to the chillout area.

Balance Trends With Timelessness

With plenty of comfortable seating, built-in wall storage, a traditional rug, and playful yet neutral upholstery (including the printed tented ceiling, not just the blue velvet blue sofa!), this family room designed by Jeannette Whitson strikes the perfect balance between on-trend and timeless. The sliding glass barn doors walls also help make it feel extra intimate.

Take It Outside

If you don’t a spare room to use as the designated family hangout space, bring it outside or to a screened-in porch. In this one designed by Corey Damen Jenkins, the outdoor fireplace, throws, as well as carpet make sure it’s cozy and warm enough for people to hang out in.

Up the Throw Pillow Factor

The colorful throw pillows are the focal point of this room designed by Andrew Flesher. For a similar look and feel, paint your walls and ceilings bright white so all the fun decor can really pop. The best part? You can always swap in new pillows for an instant room refresh.

Float Your Furniture

Resist the urge to push all of your furniture up against the walls—if you create space behind the furniture, it makes the room look wider than it is. In this living room designed by 2LG Studio, the the floating sofa separates the lounge area from the kitchen and dining space.

Choose Your Place to Eat or Play

One more way to take advantage of another focal point is to make it a game play or snack spot. Or it can be used as a hobby spot. This will require an activity table. Usually a large round one can be used. Then, place upholstered chairs with wooden chairs for an informal touch.

Create Cohesion in an Open Space

In this contemporary home designed by Nick Olsen, the family room is a natural extension of the kitchen. the pendants help bring down the scale of the large open floor plan as well as the sleek color scheme ensures an easy, lowkey atmosphere.

Get Whimsical

Incorporate sweet pastels and cheerful hues to create a nice, calming environment with plenty of style. In this room designed by Ellen Kavanaugh, where the exposed beams and floor tiles having a grounding effect, the wallpaper, upholstered coffee table, as well as throw pillows add a touch of whimsy.

Hang Large-Scale Artwork

Make a simple wall a little more exciting with oversized artwork, as Leanne Ford did in this modest family room. This is also a good way to take advantage of wall space when your the room is tiny but the ceilings are high.

Make It Intimate

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Paint the walls a darker shade to make the family room feel intimate and cozy. Then opt for brighter furniture, like an orange sofa and green armchair, to introduce some cheer, as decorator Andrew Flesher did here.

If you have high ceilings, you can install a nice lamp above the activity table. Don’t be too stingy about lighting. Make the dining or craft area well lit. You don’t want to squint and grope. But make sure to use lamps or other light fixtures that provide soft lighting. This type of lighting should add a lot in making your living room truly cozy.

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