Decorating Basics for Boys Rooms

When decorating a boys rooms, the usual starting point is to choose a boy’s bedding set. From there, you can start choosing what colors you want to paint on the walls and how you want to accent the room, making it a creative space for study as well as a quiet space for sleeping. There are many different ways to decorating a boys rooms but below are some important but simple suggestions that you might find useful.

Wall Color

Pick a color or two for the walls that will complement the boys bedding set you’ve chosen. One color should be more neutral for most of the room. The second should be a deeper accent color. An example is if you have a surf-themed boys bedding set, you could use pale blue for the main area and dark blue for the accent wall.

We also decided to paint his ledges the same color instead of leaving them white. We love that the beadboard and ledges add texture and dimension to the wall rather than contrast.

Kenden’s book collection is quite extensive, so for his ledges we let him choose his favorites and then mixed in some vintage books to balance a lot of the color. The Real Mother Goose book is Kenden’s Grandmother’s from when she was a little girl.

We painted his raw Pine bed white for a modern and clean look and to also create contrast against his gray walls.

Shelving and Storage

It’s always nice to find shelves or storage units that match the theme of your boy’s room. An example would be buying a silver metal look shelf for a very modern or electronic style room. Or classic white for the nautical space. To compliment a boy’s bedding set that is character or something dinosaur-like, you could paint a wooden shelf or bookcase a complimenting color and then look for bookends that are dinosaurs.

The DIY flag may be our favorite project we did in this room it was so simple to make and only cost about $40! Here is the quick run down of how I made it and the materials I used.

We attached the varsity letter to the cotton canvas fabric first following the instructions on the varsity letter. We then attached the cotton canvas/Varsity Letter to the center of the flag using hemming tape.

Love how it ties in with the eyelets on the flag and warms up the area above his bed! Kenden also loves having this light here and being able to flip the switch on easily.


There is always room for one more basket. Most popular for boys are metal mesh but you can also use cloth or wicker baskets. This is a great place to store leftovers like collectibles, balls, action figures, etc.

Another fun project was his dresser. The dresser is solid wood and was still in really good condition, so we decided to give it an update by painting it with Behr Paint’s Chalk Paint (color Classic Noir), and updating the hardware.

We kept his dresser simple by adding this dimmer lamp by Gantri, this vintage-inspired artwork (which we actually printed at Walmart on matte photo paper and it turned out way better than we anticipated), and this brass pot to tie in his picture light over his bed.

We scored this vintage camping stool for $8 at a local antique shop, but the fabric was bright green, red, orange and yellow. As well as we removed the fabric that was attached with heavy duty staples, laid the fabric out as a guide, and used more left over cotton canvas fabric from his flag and reattached it to the wooden base!

Homework Room

Try to include a table in your boy’s bedroom where he can do his schoolwork in peace. A great way to keep a room cool is to use a room divider. A great idea on the side of the dividing table is to mount the cork and use it like a bulletin board.

We also added this white linen curtain to the window by his bed for added contrast and to diffuse the light coming in.

Source : Laine & Layne

And last but certainly not least, the foundation of this room, and one of our favorite design elements in this space is this machine-washable rug! We chose the Gradasi Grey design since the lines offer a modern sophisticated feel to this room, while still being playful enough for our two boys! These rugs are a two-piece system that consist of a non-slip rug pad and a water and stain-resistant rug that you can throw in the wash when you need to.

There are many decorating ideas for boys rooms but the most important thing is that you involve yourself in the decision making process. Sometimes this may seem impossible if you want a stylish result but involve them by providing simple options. Green or blue? White or wood? Surf bed or dinosaur bed? By helping to make the final decision about his room, your son will truly feel he has the space and then be free to relax and study there.

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