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A well-crafted home office design is the key to facilitating an efficient work process. It is too easy to be distracted by the luxuries that are available at home. Here are some helpful tips to help turn your ‘home sweet home’ into an effective home office.

Choose the correct location in the house

Find a quiet place. This may mean modifying the windows to create more insulation or even adding insulation or carpeting to the room to make it quieter. You’ll also want a location with plenty of room to help reduce feelings of clutter and give you plenty of room for growth.

A paper pendant light floats like a celestial orb over the desk, burning its bright form against a backdrop of dark walnut panels.

Bookshelves are set aglow on each side of the armoury wall to build drama and intrigue. A regal chesterfield sofa stretches below the display, accessorised with grey and black scatter cushions that complement the steel blades and leather scabbards.

Fit for a CEO, this golden office space is the height of sophistication. An imposing desk design dominates the huge room, set against a scene of textured tile and tasteful wall panelling.

Consider a small renovation project

Headquarters can benefit from separate entrances to keep clients away from the living room of your home, as well as help you mentally separate the office from the home. More electrical outlets can come in handy, as well as installing them on a tabletop can eliminate a lot of crawling behind furniture and bookshelves. Setting it up on a separate circuit can help protect against the effects of blackouts throughout the house.

This futuristic interior features a gravity defying desk design that would look at home on-board an interstellar ship. A sleek ergonomic desk chair awaits the captain.

LED ribbons stripe the depths of a dark bookcase design in our next sophisticated scheme, where chrome accessories reflect the glow. A designer table lamp dips its beak toward the desk’s surface like a wading waterbird.

Plan your lighting

Use natural light as much as you can, because you are not paying for the sun and the quality of the light is better than what artificial lights provide. Create a mix of lighting for the room, usually ceiling-mounted, as well as light for work, usually mounted on a table. Fluorescent light is usually not a good choice. Track lights and recessed lights also look more attractive than they are used to. Try to find soft but bright lighting to reduce eye fatigue.

An arty rug design brings a blast of upbeat yellow into this trendy home office interior, which has a quirky mid century modern essence.

Unusual forms give this workspace a cheeky fun factor. From a zebra stripe balancing bear sculpture and a balloon loving bunny to an eccentric sloping desk design, this place is as unique as it is chic.

A big boss needs a big desk, and this one should do the job very well. The L-shaped work area is so large that it’s been possible to set up a stylish meeting area right in front with two lounge chairs and a coffee table between.

When styling your office, take ergonomics into account

You will be spending a lot of time there, and it is worth thinking about to prevent pain. A good chair is worth its weight in gold. Carefully plan the location of your desk as well as computer monitor. Placing the monitor slightly below eye level can save a lot of neck strain. Place the keyboard as well as mouse to make the arm movement as natural as possible. Minimize bent wrists. You must replace heavy computer work with other tasks to prevent long typing. Purchase an ergonomic keyboard and mouse to help with this. Get a good monitor to reduce eyestrain.

An awkward wall shape has been turned into a positive feature with luxe decorative wall panelling. A unique sideboard provides extra storage and the opportunity to display art. A lighting soffit hugs the perimeter, flooding light over every detail.

As part of a bedroom, facing the desk toward the back of the room keeps work and relaxation areas separate. A lounge area makes an ideal soft transition zone.

Create a room

Force yourself to put everything in its place once a week or as needed. Use a filing system so you can find paper when you need it. Put everything possible on the computer to reduce the need for physical copies, and then back up computer files frequently to a safe location. These can be stored in a safe or some other location outside your home, such as a bank vault. Use wall space wisely. Bookshelves should be only as deep as necessary to avoid theft of floor space. Place office equipment on top of file cabinets, bookshelves, and in cupboards to maximize office space.

Reposeful in its simplicity, this room design sets down neutral ground for a double workspace.

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Sophisticated and stately, this elegant brown and cream design is tailor-made for the lord of a modernised manor.

Setting up headquarters can be fun! Separate it from the rest of the house so that you can easily distinguish ‘work time’ from ‘home time’. Enjoy the process and make your home office design comfortable and personal so you can look forward to working every day!

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