Cool Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Color Ideas For Cool Bedroom Decorating

A cool bedroom is the main interest of many people in the summer time. Not only that, a cool bedroom can be very refreshing in today’s busy life. Blue is the color of the ocean. When we think of coolness, blue is a color that fits perfectly. But coolness has another definition which we will talk about later in this article.

Mighty monochrome. Set the style bar high with a gutsy monochrome wallpaper print. A blackboard makes a great color coordinated accessory, and you can make one yourself pretty cheaply with a sheet of reclaimed wood and a tin of chalkboard paint. Scribe on an inspirational quote and you’re done.

Light up your life. This plain white bedroom gains added interest from a wall of cool light fixtures.

Combination Color Ideas For Cool Bedroom

Cool is the color of youth. It is also the color of adults including parents and grandparents. Young children may prefer bright colors. The combination of blue and white is a timeless combination. Both boys and girls love this combination.

Zone with color. If the space is too small to take a room divider or screen of any kind, then you can create a visual divide by using two different color wall paints. Matching the wall shelves and furniture finishes to the relevant wall color strengthens the divide.

Sleep in your own boutique. If fashion is your thing then make it your whole world – or at least most of your bedroom; an open fronted or clear glass closet will display your treasured pieces 24/7. Accessorize the look with fashion themed posters or paintings.

Use Blue Color For Your Room

The blue color relieves this stressful world. But too much blue can lead to depression. So when you use blue for your room, you should always use it in combination with some other color, like white or yellow, that will balance it out. This is in line with the rules of color therapy.

Do your own thing. Is it a photo display, some random wall decor, or is it a set of wall lights? All three, actually.

Mark out a mini entryway. This subtle screening device may only have two small box shelves and four vertical struts, but it effectively cordons off a small ‘foyer’ area.

White And Yellow For Cool Bedroom Ideas

But then if you want a room that’s basically cool and comfortable, white is a better choice than yellow. Blue can also be an advantageous color as it helps make a room bigger due to the sense of space it creates. So if your room is small, blue can be a good choice because it will make your room seem spacious.

This wall mural is overlapped by statement pendant lighting to create a layered effect.

Get thrifty with an industrial look. You can use registration plates and signs to accessorize an industrial scheme – the quirkier the better. Fashion shelving out of scaffolding, or from pipes and planks.

Neutral Color For Cool Bedroom Decor Ideas

But you should always let your child choose the blue color he likes. Blue is also a “cool” color in that it is a good choice of room color for teenagers entering their teens. It is a neutral color. It also shows a sense of maturity. But if your teen loves another set of “cool” colors, there are a few tips for cool bedroom decorating ideas too.

Continue the magic of your gap year with a nomadic style bedroom scheme.

Bring in fantastic florals, like this purple themed bedroom with blooming headboard wall.

Lemon Green For Cool Bedrooms Decorating Ideas

Lemon green is a very bright color and is the very opposite of the ‘cool’ blue. But if your teenager likes to have fun and likes a lot of activity, you can paint the walls of his bedroom in a bright color like this. Here are some cool bedroom decorating ideas. You can always use your imagination for more.

Install storage under eaves to make the most of available space, like this flush-fitted luxury kids’ room.

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If you need a little boost in the mornings, or whilst studying in the evenings, a wall of motivational posters might offer a welcome pick me up.

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