Beautiful A Blue Kitchen Color Scheme

Blue kitchen starting to get a lot of attention due its versatility that people can imply it in any kind of interior decor. There are many shades of blue from the darkest deep blue reminiscent of the night sky to the palest duck egg. Light blue is often the color of choice for classic kitchens because of its freshness – it certainly has a hygienic feel, but you have to be careful if you choose a color that makes your kitchen cooler than it feels welcome. Here are some ways to make blue work well in the kitchen :

Choose Blue with a Little Green

Whereas pure pale blue can feel a little on the cool side, you can warm it up a bit by adding a tint or two of green. This will give you a variety of colors from aqua green to blue and duck egg to rich turquoise.

This blue kitchen looks rich with wooden cabinet and glossy black upper cabinet with gray countertop. As a neutral color, blue can transform into any kind of feeling that wanted to be expressed. Just mix with other colors and materials to achieve specific theme.

Sitting mid way between the blue and green spectrum, this teal kitchen decor looks rich when put with wood and gloss black cabinets. Chrome globe pendant lights stand out against the color dense backdrop. A Fornasetti plate decorates a plain teal end wall. Teal bar stool legs give the scheme a perfect and unusual finishing touch.

Use Blue as a Component in a Pattern

Blue has great potential to mix with other colors and goes well with many shades. You’ll find it blends well with pinks as well as yellows in a chintzy-type floral pattern that fits well in a country kitchen.

Wood grain patterns the doors of these mid-blue kitchen cabinets. A natural pine dining table runs up against a central kitchen island that has been covered in black tile. The chairs at the dining table are mismatched for an eclectic look.

Blue is Good in Contrast

And blue used as a contrast with more cheerful colors works well in the kitchen, For example you might have sky blue walls without experiencing the chilly look if you cheer them up with sky blue and yellow striped kitchen curtains or blinds.

Alternating bar stool colors add interest in a solid blue kitchen.

Blue with Warm Wood

If you use blue with glossy white color kitchen cabinets, you will definitely give your room a cool feeling but if you use sky blue walls next to warm colored woods like beech or pine then you will find that it works well. Turquoise works great with dark wood and elevates an entire room.

Copper kitchen bar stools are bang on the metallics trend, and work perfectly with the warm wood tone of the breakfast bar. A unique industrial style lighting installation fills the ceiling space with matching copper tones. Blue cabinets have been accessorised with tan strap handles, and complemented with a geometric patterned backsplash.

Avoid Dark Blue and Navy

Dark blues as well as dark blues don’t usually look good in large areas of the kitchen. (While you will always find exceptions that look stunning, the average home decorator will not achieve great results with these colors. These shades require very careful handling with good lighting as well as the right accessories). If you have a heart in a navy blue kitchen, use it for a small area – maybe one wall and some accessories and make the other walls paler in contrast.

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Consider using artwork to change your color scheme. Pale marble kitchens, natural wood, plain grey or monochrome schemes lend themselves well to changing color accents.

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