Modern Bedroom Ideas – Create a Contemporary Bedroom in 5 Easy Steps

Our bedroom is our sanctuary, a place for rest and relaxation. The simplicity of the modern bedroom design creates a serenity that makes that feeling even more pronounced. Follow the steps below to create a contemporary bedroom. Here’s how to create a contemporary bedroom in 5 easy steps.

Step 1 : Wall Color

This is very important because the color of the walls is the hallmark of a modern bedroom. Think outside the box and consider new neutral shades of green and gray. It creates a soothing backdrop for a contemporary bedroom that is more eye-catching and trendy than a dull beige. Another option is red, a bold choice that fits well with the Asian themes that make up today’s modern bedroom designs. If you decide not to take that step, you can choose the color currently on your wall. Even if it’s just plain white, the choices you make for the rest of the room can make almost any color workable.

Unique ceiling fans are a must in warm climates. Consider the beauty of your ceiling fan as an integral part of the decor, as you would with a bedroom pendant light. Statement bedroom wall clocks make a nice alternative to an apologetic looking tiny bedside alternative too.

Step 2 : Furniture

This can be a very critical step. Modern bedroom furniture has a sleek design as well as a minimalist design. The color is usually a darker wood or metal. You can recycle your old furniture by simply giving it a fresh coat of paint. Why this is important is that modern bedroom furniture is not a focal point in contemporary design. In a modern bedroom, it is the look as well as feel of the entire room that creates a successful design.

Layer up bedroom lighting options. This design has an illuminated headboard feature wall, bedside table lamps and a ceiling light installation that looks like a sculptural piece of art.

Step 3 : Bed

What we are going to do here is choose bed linen with a touch of simple luxury. Remember that in a modern design, all the beds are the focus. It’s not just your blankets or blankets that will be visible, but your sheets and blankets as well. Pictures in magazines as well as catalogs are a great place to get ideas for styling your bed in today’s “unmade” contemporary style.

Forget about hanging your wall art. Propping a large piece of wall art on the floor, or even layering up a few pieces, evokes a cool laid back atmosphere.

Step 4 : Get Rid of the Clutter

To elaborate a bit, modern bedrooms are known for their clean simplicity. It’s impossible to achieve that look and feel when it looks like yard sales are exploding in your room. Get rid of all unnecessary items as well as return shoes and clothes to the closet where they belong.

Select dual tone bedclothes. Even a bed of neutrals can look interesting if you mix and match two different colours, like this mid grey and soft brown ensemble.

Step 5 : Accessories

Home decor accents in modern bedrooms are kept in only a few important parts that have a big impact such as large framed prints or elegant vases. To maintain the neat look that is so important in contemporary design, the room is not filled with accents that draw your attention in all directions. Only a few carefully selected pieces complete the room.

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Install a glass partition wall around an en suite to open up the space but keep bathroom steam inside. Privacy curtains can be drawn around the outside when in use.

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