Outdoor Showers Fun Installation and Design

Stand Alone Outdoor Shower

Outdoor showers have two types as well as one of the most basic is stand alone. Stand-alone shower heads are less expensive showers that are usually made of polyvinyl chloride. They are portable which is perfect if you are the type of person who likes to go camping. To use the shower, you just need to attach it to the hose as well as the shower is ready to go.

Keep It Cool

Architect Ruard Veltman built a semi-outdoor shower in a North Carolina pool house with slatted walls to promote good airflow. The thatched roof helps regulate heat year-round.

Wall Mounted Outdoor Shower

Another type of outdoor shower is a wall mounted shower. These are more suitable as additions to our home as they will be permanent. Wall mounts or also known as permanent showers tend to be more expensive because installation will be more difficult and the material commonly used is stainless steel. Although more expensive, the wall-mounted type is more durable and more reliable because it is installed directly in your home.

Rethink the Indoor Shower

Interior designer Palmer Weiss had an outdoor shower installed in her Sonoma, California, home, and her family uses it year-round. “We don’t even have an indoor shower in our main bath,” she admits, “and in four years, I’ve never regretted that decision.”

Shower Design and Installation

Bathroom designs can really be a great addition to the overall exterior of the house. Simplicity is always the foundation of good design. Pair your shower with a contrasting exterior towel rack design, a container for shampoo and soap, as well as you’ve got a great landscape design.

Set the Scene

When textile designer John Robshaw revamped a ramshackle barn into the ultimate summer hangout, there wasn’t enough room to build a full shower indoors. So he installed a showerhead in a private area outside, then added storybook stone floors, a rattan settee complete with his signature patterned throw pillows, and plenty of cozy towels for a homey feel.

Installation for outdoor showers can be very important. For a true shower setup, simplicity comes into play with just a simple concrete base or wall as well as tile base combined with a shower head and faucet. You also have the option of installing a water heater to accompany your shower.

Privacy Issues

One of the main problems people have with outdoor showers is their privacy. Building shower enclosures are the most common as they are quite easy to build. If you are not the kind of guy who builds it yourself, then you can buy a ready made shower cubicle. There are companies that sell shower enclosures that range from $600 to $1,500 depending on the design and size of the shower enclosure.

Incorporate Greenery

Since the perk of an outdoor shower is extra time outside, embrace your natural surroundings by incorporating greenery. Showering outdoors surrounded by palm leaves and foliage for days will make you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation—no matter where you actually are.

Final Thoughts

Installing your own outdoor showers can provide many advantages for you and your family, especially if you maintain a swimming pool in your home. Don’t be afraid to try different designs that best suit your home and be as creative as possible.

Make It Architecturally Unique

Source : House Beautiful

The shower in this Kenyan home has us dreaming of the. You may not be able to match that view, but you can take a few notes from the sculptural wall, thatched roof, and high shower head.

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