What trendy materials will you present in your decor in 2022?

2022 is the end of the trendy materials with an understanding of the meaning and acceptance of raw beauty and enhanced sophistication. Terracotta, metal, ceramics and recycled plastics are common materials throughout the winter. Between the best classics put in the spotlight and the irrational interpretation of return. The designers have indeed not yet dared to beautiful models of decoration as needed at the time. Shimmering lacquer, shiny metal, frizzy wool, wood and recycled materials, 2022 redraws the contours of ecological knowledge inherent in the field of design. Prove that it is the equipment that must refurbished in 2022.

Lacquer to ennoble the decoration

Boldness is one of the season’s watchwords, and as lacquer conveys the spirit of luxury, the decor plays out with a resolute air, making the interior simple and elegant. Acquired by the Japanese and Chinese ancestors, lacquer weaves a wonderful language thanks to its colorful tones and its wetness through its uniqueness. A deep, bold color for bold use on small items, cabinets and lamps. the result? Instant dental similarity.

Tinted glass that delicately twists the decoration

The tinted glass, propelled by the coronation of the support in which it is formed, widens a discreet but perceptible back. According to the evidence, the simple and tedious glass vase is now suitable for any color variation so that the input color is not overdone. Available in red, yellow, blue or green, this transparent supports playful tones and images with enchanting bars in iridescent material. You can display tinted glass objects with desire to add style to any space. It also guarantees a very clear effect and a milky whiteness.

Terracotta to warm up the decor

Although terracotta is not as modern as it used to be, these versatile materials are undergoing a major overhaul in their design. Primitive but elegant, minimalist and warm, this region has the power to become unmissable. Strong association game of textures, cuts and shades (drawn from red to yellow), clay materials no longer attract small objects. It has redefined for its many uses, giving walls and furniture a nice special touch.

Blond wood for a timeless interior

The tree is a decoration that the little black dresses have in our wardrobe. Last decoration of Proust Madeleine for all, it adapts to each model of the year without compromising its authenticity and its reluctance. Wooden stools, wooden chairs, wooden chairs, wooden coffee tables and such moving wood should be special. Moreover, oaks and walnut trees are essential to promote decoration in a warm place.

Ceramics to get back to basics

Obsessions that overlap on multiple occasions, ceramics barely modeled in advance of their values. Ceramic plates, ornaments or light fixtures seem to borrow the numbers in almost crude terms to their advantage in modern times. Boasting imperfect curves devoid of sophistication, this natural and supple medium sits at the top of the base material’s energetic name. It aims to eliminate superfluous and focused values. Luxury today as part of the craftsman’s approach, as if we were breaking the standard and agile system.

Travertine for a chic and mineral decor

After the most famous of ancient times at the Colosseum and St. Peter’s Basilica is used as a support, travertine since the 1970s limited to the role of tiling on the floor. Loose but true, its small, haphazardly divided cavities, muscle and texture benefit. Moreover, from the remodeling to which the travertine almost obscures the optional missing stone. Pure white and turning yellow, gray, red or brown depending on the impurities it contains. This limestone has for many years been an unpopular and dangerous place for those who intend to conform to it.

Metal for an ultra modern interior

Still unknown or even beyond organic materials and comfort, these metals are connected to the glow of the past to create a future no less than that. Chosen as a favorite by avant-garde designers Eileen Gray, Jean Prouvé, Le Corbusier and Charlotte Perriand. The clear and striking lines of metal have been dusted off on cluttered interiors with impressive curves that are the hallmark of the 1920s. Inheriting from the Industrial Revolution, this product has achieved the same theme as it did half a century ago. Giving it beautiful character, infusing a powerful aesthetic not only for small decorations, but also for large furniture.

Recycled materials for responsible decoration

The new blend of aesthetics and durability, functionality and versatility is the environmental conscience of the new bona fide designer. Modern manufacturers are responding to a world of overuse with weapons such as eco-design, ethics, and recyclable materials. Recognizing the urgent need to integrate the conservation of the earth and its resources into the production process, many brands have invested in new environmentally friendly media. Recycled paper, metal and plastic are thus at the top of this year’s list of important materials. Surely, without the envy of their esteemed counterparts.

Loop wool for extra comfort

It’s also the stainless classic of our winter wardrobe, but the wool loop imposes the same panache on our interiors. It’s been around for many seasons and we’ve had our love of design to play church books without leaving them in the background. It breaks the line of comfort and luxury. Making it a prime spot for the perfect sofas, sofas and sofas for sleeping. In 2022, I would definitely come back by betting on terra cotta, brown and powder red curly wool. So, are you ready to curl up on your curly hair?

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