Move Away From Minimalism, Bathroom Trends For 2022

There are many ways to greet the New Year. For example, change the weather in your house. If home remodeling is too much for you, you can start with a small bathroom-like decor. Make your bathroom a fresh and modern decor. If your 2021 bathroom is looking boring, it’s time for a warmer, more colorful bathroom. From warm tones to elegant designs, here is the bathroom decor trends for 2022.

Many textures

Bathroom trends for next year with more textures. You can replace your bathroom wallpaper with a stone-like texture. If you have more money, you can replace the sink with wood or decorative stone. Remember to adapt to your own abilities.

Warm colors

It’s time to replace the cooler colors with warm ones like beige, brown, terracotta, wood, etc. If gray or white is being used this year, it’s time to replace it with a moderately warm color.

Play with the patterns

For minimalist bathrooms decorated in all white, it’s time to use some fun patterns in bright colors. The easiest way to play with themes without spending money is to change your wallpaper.

Use different furniture

Who says a bathroom can’t provide two or three pieces of furniture? You can use different pieces of furniture, but they are always preferred. Make sure that the furniture you use does not compromise your comfort. If you have a small bathroom in your home, use small pieces of furniture.

DIY (do it yourself)

There is nothing wrong with presenting or using decorations made with your own hands. For example, add a picture that you have drawn.

Old and new style

In the bathroom you can combine both classic and modern interior style. For example, when choosing a floor, give preference to a classic style but with modern furniture.

Bright textile

Adding color to the bathroom is possible not only in terms of walls and cabinets, but also in terms of fabrics. Choose windows made with more contrasting fabrics than neutral colors, and add a vintage rug for extra warmth.

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