Not Just The Body, The House Also Needs A Detox, Here’s How!

Not only food that can accumulate toxins in the body, the objects we use everyday also contain substances that threaten health. Some of them are household appliances, kitchen utensils, and cleaning products. Therefore, detox also needs to applied at home. The Environmental Working Group said that the harmful content found in home appliances has the potential to cause a number of health problems. Ranging from organ damage, heart complications, asthma, to cancer. Likewise with the air that moves around the house, which contributes to bringing pollution that causes Alzheimer’s disease and other chronic diseases if you don’t carry out a regular house detox.

Detox for the home can implemented through simple steps, without having to replace furniture or renovate the building structure. With a home detox, the condition of the living space becomes healthier so that it is safe and comfortable to live in. Here’s how to detox to get rid of toxins that settle in the house.

Changing Cleaning Products

100 liters of poison in the house comes from chemical products used as cleaning tools. However, a home detox doesn’t necessarily require you to get rid of all cleaning products. First, pay attention to the content contained in the product. Products containing phosphates, chlorine, and artificial fragrances should avoided for a proper home detox. Also make sure the cleaning products have tested for safety by an authorized health agency or department. In addition, detox for toxic chemicals can coupled with the use of natural cleansers, such as vinegar, lemon, and baking soda.

Cleaning The Air

VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are hazardous chemicals that not only contained in chemical-based products. Also in furniture, building materials and decorative objects, such as carpets and paintings. Without a regular home detox, these substances can contaminate the air around the house making it dangerous if inhaled. The detox method to overcome this is through the use of air purifiers and filters, such as an exhaust fan or an air humidifier. Storing shoes outside the house is also a powerful detox to improve air quality in the house.

Using the Water Filter

The government should maintain the quality of clean water to meet household needs. However, pollution can also come from the household environment itself. There is nothing wrong with maintaining clean water quality by implementing a home detox. Detox to remove pollutants and toxins contained in water done by filtering and purifying water. Use tools such as filters and water purifiers or water purifiers to purify water so that it guaranteed safe for consumption.

Take Advantage of Essential Oils

Detox for the home recommends avoiding the use of harmful chemicals and switching to materials that are more natural and environmentally friendly. Essential oils or essential oils are the result of extraction of natural materials. They are in accordance with the notion of detox. In addition to functioning as a cleaner, fragrance, and alternative medicine, it can replace the role of chemical products that often used in the home. How to detox with the use of essential oils also can not done. Essential oils have a high enough concentration so they need to dissolved first.

Toxins from objects around the house can have a negative impact on your health. In addition to applying the detox method for the house above, the house also needs to be cleaned regularly. Starting from getting used to cleaning the house, detox for the house needs to pay attention to every element of the space that can contribute to the health of its residents. For instance, water and air conditions in the house.

If the body detox is routinely carried out, make sure the house where you live is also clean from toxins that threaten through regular home detox. Also pay attention so that there are no animals that disturb the cleanliness and comfort of the house. For example the most common ones are geckos or lizards. Although the gecko is not dangerous, housing can feel uncomfortable because of its presence. Immediately apply the right way to get rid of the gecko to overcome it!

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