Five Luxury Bathroom Designs Winning Interior Design Awards

The bathroom is the most important place in your home that deserves the best care. In some cases, you don’t have to pay too much for it, and the bathroom is designed and decorated according to your needs. In fact, choosing the right lighting, color, floor, etc. when renovating your bathroom can have a huge impact on your overall health. Do you now think of a house without a bathroom? Of course not. The bathroom is the most important and important part of any home. Turning to, good bathroom design ideas can promote peace, reduce risk, reduce stress, enjoy noise and/or louder noise, reduce odors, etc. . Meanwhile, a study and research published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that a hot bath for 30 minutes in diabetics can lower blood sugar by 13%. These studies and studies are enough to illustrate the importance of bathroom design. Your bathroom planning should be well-supported, create a cozy and comfortable environment, and of course be healthy. A bathroom with a luxurious or simple aesthetic is the epitome of how to achieve a certain level of comfort in such a small space. Here are 5 luxury and best bathroom interior design that won the interior design awards.

Victoria Master Bath

Victoria Master Bath is a collaboration between the John Cannon House and Barbara Benigni. The elegance of the bathroom This bathroom benefits from a beautiful decor with a solid door that opens up the space. With a mix of textures and materials, the luxurious design of the “Flat Out Gorgeous” bathroom creates a luxurious setting.

Forest Lakes Bath

Bathroom design ideas with metallic tiles. Decorative tiles designed by Jill Geidorf can also be reused for windows and sinks. Although the floor is brown porcelain tiles, it looks luxurious. There are also stone tiles and quartz countertops. “The small bathroom is large, modern and attractive,” said Jill Geisdorf.

North Longboat Key

I’m still working on the genius Jill Geisdorf. It is recreated in the design of the “spa” style bathroom. Poselanosa tiles have a white texture and offer depth while remaining light, airy and very shared. The air in the bathroom also seems “average” and complex. This bathroom interior is all about the texture of the choice of tiles and wardrobe materials.

Siesta Key Condo Renovation

The glass doors designed by Joseph Clark use all white colors to harmoniously combine old and modern elements with light. To make the room cozy, we use plastic to warm and emphasize the clean, modern beauty. Eclectic minimalist bathroom design ideas; The best combination of modern classic style.

Cheap Can do Magic

“Bathrooms can be cool, cramped and ‘vanilla’ too.” Designer Jessica Naples said. Using light and dark materials that differ in the medium spectrum not only makes the room stand out, but also creates an oasis of peace and relaxation. Without changing the layout, the goal is to enlarge the room. This beautiful bathroom design with glass shower panels by Jessica Napoli uses white tiles to surround the tub. The details peek through the wall and show bravery and luxury. It’s a real masterpiece.

These are 5 bathroom luxury from interior design awards, which one would you like to apply to your bathroom?

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