7 Ways to Properly Organize Your Kids Bedroom!

If you have a small family, you really want to do what’s best for them, especially if you have a baby. Sometimes this desire can be offset by existing limitations. For example, the desire to provide the best bedroom is blocked by small and separate bedrooms. After all, children need more space to move around and store things and toys. There are now many solutions for placing furniture in a small bedroom, but We usually offers a few, but this time the difficulties are many because the bedroom is small and should depend on two or more people. So how to solve this problem? Here are some tips for arranging a kids bedroom but easy for two people!

Use a Strong and Safe Bunk Bed

One of the pieces of furniture that takes up a lot of space in the bedroom is the bed. When space is limited, using two beds side by side should not be an option. The only solution to this problem is to use a crib or mattress. The design of the bunk bed should be efficient and not take up much space. You need to be careful when buying a bed.

Make sure the design is stable and the materials are strong and durable. If the bunk bed is equipped with a premium bed. This is beneficial to ensure the safety of both children. Also, make sure the child in the crib is old enough to climb stairs. Do not forget that the height of the bunk bed is not too close to the ceiling so that the baby can breathe well and sleep well. Also, make sure the bed you use is soft and comfortable. And when using a bunk bed, don’t forget to tell them about the dangers of not being careful.

Take Advantage of Every Side of the Bedroom

Children’s bedrooms need more storage space or storage boxes. If you have several children, you may need more storage space. For this, make the most of everything and the corner of your bedroom. Even behind the door. You can create a storage cabinet and study on the left and right sides of the bunk bed to have more space in the bedroom. You can put clothes or shoes on the back of the door. Shelves with slides (pull-out toy boxes) and transparent storage boxes for children’s toys make it easy for children to find and organize toys. You can place cabinets or shelves on the wall above the desk. To change the location of a book, you don’t need a separate device to store your books. Dekoruma sells a selection of cupboards and wall cabinets to store your kids favorite toys.

Multifunctional Furniture Options

The challenge when designing a kids bedroom is not only to keep the space minimal, but also to keep the bedroom clean. So you need more storage space so you don’t get too creaky in the bedroom. The use of various accessories in children’s bedrooms, such as bunk beds with drawers, can increase storage space. Another design of a compact and multifunctional bunk bed is a bunk bed that also used as a desk at the same time. There is a desk next to the bunk bed and a shelf behind it. Use a wheelchair that stored under a kids desk to keep the bedroom clean.

Avoid Thematic Bedroom

Children’s bedrooms usually decorated with a particular theme. A woman’s bedroom, for example, uses all pink materials with decorative walls from beautiful gardens. For the boys, on the other hand, the bedroom was blue and full of car-themed decoration. Well, it’s better not to have these fancy details in a bedroom for two people. Try using a simpler, less conspicuous decoration. Place the bedroom essentials like the bed simply without any decorations, and just hang on the wall to decorate as a dessert. Children’s bedroom decoration can applied to items such as sheets, pillows and sheets. Use your kids favorite cartoon character as a pattern. Children’s toys can also used as decorative items. This can improve quality and creativity.

Combine Colors for Two Characters

Having two children in the same bedroom means sharing two people with different emotions. Especially when you share a bedroom with two children of different ages. Bedroom colors should be neither too feminine nor too masculine, neither too old nor too childish. So how do content creators still express themselves? Do not worry. You can play with colors together in the bedroom so that each kids characteristics are always visible. You can use different bedroom colors painted on the walls outside the bedroom, without any bedspread. This color combination can also be used to separate the kids personal space. Not all colors go together, so make a few choices before letting your two kids choose. law? If you select a primary color, you can select a contrast of that color.

Provide Personal Space

Sharing a bedroom doesn’t mean kids can’t have privacy in their bedroom. You can place two small study tables fixed on the wall, and the table can decorated as you like. Also add a small chair for more comfort. Divide some divisions or pieces into a smaller field sign. It can be limited to wall hangings, painting suits or chairs. Kids bedroom design details like this stored anywhere to avoid clutter and clutter. To organize the storage in the children’s bedroom, you can use a label with the name of each drawer or storage chest.

Leave A Space for Playing

When it comes to planning your bedroom, there is always a part where you feel responsible for the furniture arrangement. I would like to add an extra children’s wardrobe, but that’s not enough. I want to fill it with flower pots, but I don’t have to. You can create a place where you can do one of the parts of the bedroom. Those who will be surprised by their friends. The chairs in bed used to fill this space, so friends can stay every night. If you want to make your bedroom more beautiful and not make more cabinets. Single wall chairs are available, with drawers at the bottom for storage.

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