5 Lavender Bedroom Inspiration for Feminine Feelings

Beautiful Lavender Bedroom Design Ideas

Almost everyone wants a bedroom design that suits them or at least according to their preferences. This is no exception for very feminine women. Well, one of the recommended bedroom colors to suit women well is the lavender bedroom. Lavender is a combination of pale blue and red. In other words, lavender is also a derivative of red blood cells. Well, this bright color can also be able to do a lot of space. Therefore, do not surprise if lavender is the best color for the bedroom. If you are still confused about it, consult the design of the Inspired Lavender bedroom.

Lavender Color with Pink Floral

Confused about choosing a room design between lavender or floral motifs? Why not just try to combine the two? With the right application, you can create a bedroom design that you really like, like the inspiration above. You can make a lavender demand of your favorite flower pattern. In addition to the walls, there are also many beautiful colors and pink, with dark armchairs, such as the chair, like red chairs. Well, if you think your room is a bit monotonous, using free furniture to carry your design room in your life.

Lavender Color with Various Wall Decorations

The inspiration of this lavender will be determined to capture people who like to paint or show a lot of hanging on the wall. All the walls in this room are covered in lavender paint and there are various wall decorations such as paintings, abstract paintings and montage artworks. Meanwhile, the ceiling is covered in white, which makes the bedroom feel soft and welcoming. To complete the feminine vibe of this lavender bedroom, you can make paintings or work with whiteboards.

Elegant Minimalist Lavender Color

Inspired by the spacious lavender bedroom reflects the minimalist aesthetic idea. You can create lavender colors from window curtains, decorations and bedding as well as headboard. Don’t use lavender-colored rugs to make the room more attractive. Instead, choose achromatic colors with no pattern, such as plain white or cream. But if you have lavender colors on your bed linens and pillowcases, that’s no problem. Once you are done creating feminine lavender colors in your bedroom, you can now create a minimalist look with your furniture or desk accessories. Try using a side table or drawer. You can also use a crystal chandelier to give a beautiful feel.

Lavender Color Combination with Bird Pattern

Don’t like bed bugs bed bugs bed bugs? If so, try combining them with patterns or photos. For example, there is a lavender-like bird flying in this room. The pattern is neither too big nor too small to enlarge the room. To make the bedroom more attractive and cluttered, place the bed in the corner of the room near the window. If you still feel like something is missing, you can add similar chairs and a large lavender rug. The removable lounge chair in this lavender bedroom adds ambiance.

Lavender Color for Children Bedroom

If your child needs a lavender room, you can print this inspiration. Use lavender for walls and furniture in small patterns, such as stripes or zigzags on chairs, beds, and pillows above. Thus, children’s rooms in lavender colors can continue to be used until the child grows up. In addition to white, lavender will also be compared to brown or red color. If you import it easily with the appropriate application, a bedroom with sticky or diminished adhesive, and the color configuration.

You can practice five design of inserted washers and added women’s ideas for yourself. Do not forget to use aromatherapy. Do not forget to use aromatherapy with the scent of lavender flowers. Happy to create!

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