5 Simple Clean Yet Easy to Make Bathroom Designs

A nice and charming example of an easy but clean bathroom design

For some people, the bathroom is only used for bathing and defecation that they immediately use it. For this reason, they like simple but clean bathrooms. It doesn’t have to be too big or flashy, it’s important to be able to use it for work.

Are you one of those people who feels this? If so, here we have 5 simple but clean bathroom designs that are easy to make for you!

Full Features But Still Roomy

This simple but clean bathroom inspiration is perfect for the master. All features are already in it. Starting from the toilet, sink, cupboard, bathtub, and shower. The bath and shower are made on one side so that it is more space-saving and saves pipelines. The dominance of white does not make this simple but clean one look boring. The reason is, the mandala motif on the light gray floor and walls gives a dynamic impression.

Neat with Multifunctional Furniture for Easy Bathroom

To create a simple but clean bathroom that is small in size, you need additional furniture that is multifunctional and space-saving. Of course the main goal is to make the room remain spacious and function optimally. One of the most favorite multifunctional furniture for the room is the shelf behind the mirror. Take advantage of this shelf to store skin and hair care products. The simple but beautiful design is mostly white and all the walls are finished with ceramic tiles. Clean, shiny and beautiful, right?

Similar display cases are widely available in the store. One of them is the PIRA sink mirror cabinet, dominated by the white above. Some cabinets are open to the side and others are behind the mirror. Don’t forget, there is also a scarf under the mirror. There are a lot of them, right?

Luxurious touch of Japanese design

Next, the simple but beautiful bathroom design follows the Japanese style. However, it gives a nice feeling. Wooden items used for the sink and mirror frame. Meanwhile, a luxury appears marble and hot metal accessories. This is said to be simple, with just the right details. The shower area is delimited by a glass door, ensuring good ventilation. The distance of each element is large enough that it is easily accessible with the hands or a brush.

Hygienic and natural effect for easy bathroom design

Next, a simple but clean bathroom provides a clean and natural feel. All walls are painted a pastel green, except for the shower area which is covered in white ceramic. This area is not too large. To fix this, you can use a slim sink and place it next to the toilet. The existence of a window in this simple but clean bathroom can ensure smooth air circulation. If you can get sunlight, there is a plus because it can prevent the development of germs and fungi.

All Closed

One of the reasons for the bathroom was dirt and frustration as it was strewn all over the place. So, create a cabinet in your bathroom to store your toiletries. The complete closure makes the bathroom pleasant, clean and spacious. In the case of a simple but clean bathroom with a rectangle like the inspiration above, do not fill in the belly wall as it can feel cramped.

Here are 5 simple yet clean and easy to use bathroom designs. There are not many elements of decor, easy to clean, and still can be used comfortably. If you want to add bathroom accessories, you can choose a functional and aesthetic model. Our favorite is a simple but clean bathroom number 3, if you like the design, which number is it?

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