The New Biggest Kitchen Trends of 2022 from The Experts

If you are planning a kitchen project for the new year, stay ahead of the curve with the new kitchen to bring in with trends in 2022. This will not only ensure that your kitchen not only materials, colors and accessories but can also help you benefit from the latest innovations in your kitchen.

We rated kitchen designers to see what they consider to be the most important aspects of kitchen design, and some of the results might surprise you. From kitchen cabinet and accessories to mesh front cabinet and app-controlled faucets. But while this will guide you on your way to the next kitchen, remember to make sure your kitchen is your favorite place. Love comes and goes, but when you invest in a new kitchen, you’ll want to love it for years.

What are the kitchen trends for 2022?

Latest kitchen trends are obtained from several sources. For example, a kitchen designer will find that more and more consumers want a particular style, finish, or color, which will lead to more investment in something new for that topic. The Trend Forecaster is another kitchen space for 2022. “The color of the year” is a prediction of autumn and winter every year. And other predictions offering the part of killing and supporting the new range of stores and last line.

Bold kitchen colors

Patterns for using bright and dark colors in the kitchen have been around for a while now, but the shades used have expanded. Forest green and burgundy add navy blue as main colors.

“Consumers have become more and more experienced with colors and the use of raw materials in kitchen design,” said Alex Main, chief executive of Big Business. “It’s nice to see you.” Or on the shelf, this bold color has become a staple in many inspiring places. “

Graeme Smith, Head of Retail and Design at Life Kitchens, agrees: “In 2022, many heritage shades will be pushed back into the darkness of the palette, including blues, greens and precious metals. . “We’ll also see softer, softer green and earth tones. To add a bit of interest to your project, use shades with large patterns or textured work, glass materials, or items like doors. Metallic accents for a flashy design.”


Marble is not only about luxury and high quality, but also the best companion for finished metals such as brass and gold. If you choose a white or cream marble shade, you’ll love the contrast with the greens and blues. Moreover, rich-grained marble will be the kitchen’s main specialty in 2022.

Wooden kitchen

The concept of wood in the kitchen may not be new, but it’s a way for designers to celebrate wood in their kitchen and the materials they create. From accomplishments that bring out the texture of wood interiors, to renovations, 2022 will feature all wood kitchen that showcase design and encourage connection with nature.

Sustainable kitchen

Sustainability is important to all of us at home, and green kitchen will increase even further in 2022. There are lots of things you can do to make your kitchen greener, like upgrading equipment, recycling, or taking small steps like buying Class A supplies only.

Some safer kitchen are more eco-friendly than others. Look for kitchen made from recycled materials and appliances (like countertops), as well as kitchen that use renewable energy in their cabinetry.

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