5 Cozy Bathroom Ideas Mistakes to Avoid

As the important part of the house, a cozy bathroom ideas won’t hurt. A well-maintained bathroom can meet strict hygiene requirements and have adequate water, lighting and ventilation. Well, to meet these requirements, you need to choose the right design even before the house is built. Indeed, unlike other spaces, bathrooms cannot be modified all the time because certain elements, such as cabinets, are permanently installed. Here are some bathroom design mistakes to avoid!

Uniting wet and dry areas

In addition to bathing, some hygiene tasks, such as brushing and defecation, are usually performed in the bathroom. Therefore, it is important to divide the bathroom into wet and dry areas. One thing to take care of is cleanliness. This is also to minimize the risk of accidents such as slipping because the condition of the bathroom is too slippery. Moreover, over the few years you will feel lazy to clean all parts of your bathroom from moss and mildew that may grow on the bathroom walls.

Using a glass door to separate wet and dry areas is the easiest way. Water from the shower in the wet area is blocked by a glass door to prevent it from flowing into the dry area. So keeping the floor clean from slippery moss is no longer a problem.

Exaggerated design that messed up the cozy bathroom ideas

Bathrooms decorated with chandeliers or open shelves are in trend. But now the decoration has been gradually abandoned because it makes the bathroom impractical. Today, minimalist design bathrooms with simple decor are considered better and more functional.

In addition, the choice of color has a significant impact on the quality of your bathroom. Look for similar colors: brown and white, beige and brown, black and white, etc. that you can find. Bold color mixing can look bad if not prepared well.

Choose correct tiles for bathroom

One of the most important things to avoid when designing a bathroom is installing identical tiles on the walls and the floor. This is very dangerous as the ceramic on the walls is usually slippery and unprotected so there is no strength to hold your foot on.

Textured ceramic is preferred for flooring. Besides the low cost, there are many reasons. Alternatively, you can use natural stone materials. Well, what often happens, foam and soapy crusts appear at the bottom. These conditions are not only disgusting, they are also unhealthy. Instead, you can use porcelain tiles.

Storage on the wall

The bathroom does need a place to store toiletries . However, you should avoid installing a cabinet or shelf above the wall because it can give the impression of being cramped. Instead, place the cabinet at the bottom of the sink , because in addition to saving space, it will also be easier to take.

Install the right mirror light for cozy bathroom ideas

When we look at ourselves in the mirror, of course we want to see our reflection clearly. Unfortunately, the light that is installed directly above the mirror can actually reduce the ambiance of reflection. For maximum results, you can place a  task light  on both sides of the mirror. The bathroom design will look better and more comfortable. Plus, good lighting can transform a space and make all the other design elements warmer. In terms of efficiency, can install LED lights. With this lamp it is at least 75% more energy efficient and last 25 times longer than incandescent lamps.

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