Washing Machine Tips and Tricks for A Good and Easy Cleaning

Washing machine should be cleaned regularly. Although it looks clean, there is a lot of dirt that is not visible. If left uncleaned, dirt can quickly break down and make it less visible. In this article we will see how to clean without any problems.

How to clean a washing machine without taking it apart

The first way to clean a washing machine is to use washer, which in particular dissolves residues in the tubing. You can perform cleaning steps and procedures by placing the concentrate in the washing machine with water to fill it.

Then turn it on for 10 minutes. During this operation, the water often becomes cloudy. Then let it sit for 3 hours until the dust comes out. Then filter the waste water. Remember to rinse the tube several times until it is clean and you are now ready to use!

How to clean a washing machine with baking soda and vinegar

If you don’t have a concentrate, you can use baking soda or baking soda and vinegar to clean the washing machine. First, turn it on and fill with warm water. Then repeat the washing procedure twice with warm water.

When the machine starts to shake, add 60g baking soda and 750ml vinegar and stir the two solutions for 30 seconds. Then turn off and leave for an hour. If the walls are completely submerged, restart to complete the wash service. The last step is to put water and rinse it several times with clean water.

How to clean the tub with a cleaning cloth

You can clean the machine by wiping the tube. First, turn it off and wipe the tub with a cloth made of hot water and vinegar. You can then wipe down all parts, including the tube ceiling, until they are clean. The cleaning process is very simple, but the result is not much better than the previous method.

Some tips

In order to make your washing machine last longer, you need to plan for this equipment correctly and know how to clean regularly. It is recommended to place in a dry place, even on a flat surface.

You must ensure that the machine is not turned off to ensure that the temperature remains stable during use. Also, keep away from direct sunlight and do not place the machine near the wall.


After use, the washing machine should be washed thoroughly to remove any detergent, hand sanitizer or bleach. Clean the drain regularly to prevent mold from forming. After use, be sure to remove the washer from the socket, so that it is stable and not easily damaged. This means that you wash your washing machine regularly, at least twice a week or once a month. Keep your washing machine clean!

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