9 Cheap Kitchen Set Strategies for A Luxurious Home That Worth to Try!

Many think that a luxurious cheap kitchen set design costs more. In fact, there are many ways to give a luxurious impression that is pocket-friendly.

The kitchen set is one of the components in the interior that often makes you spend deeply. This makes many people try to choose a cheap kitchen set design. Many think that presenting a luxurious set design costs more. In fact, there are many ways to give a luxurious impression to an easy kitchen set that is pocket-friendly.

So that your set can look luxurious, follow this cheap kitchen set design inspiration!

Use Concrete Countertop

Now making a kitchen set using concrete may no longer be a trend, but that doesn’t mean this method has lost its ability to give you a cheap kitchen set to complement the residential kitchen you have!

With a neat and precise concrete finish, you can present a luxurious and attractive unfinished concrete impression to a kitchen set without having to spend money for finishing materials and expensive table tops.

To complete this cheap kitchen set with concrete, you can use wood, or multiplex to save costs. Light colors are one of the safest choices to bring a luxurious impression to your cheap kitchen set.

Feel Luxurious in One Color

In addition to choosing bright colors as mentioned earlier, one other color game trick is to apply only one color to your cheap kitchen set.

By using cheap materials such as multiplex without complicated designs and color choices, cheap kitchen sets can come with a neat and clean appearance. Of course this gives the impression of luxury in the kitchen you have.

One way to reduce the cost of making cheap kitchen sets is to get around the table top. To complete the all-white look, you can switch to a solid surface instead of using marble or granite which is obviously more expensive.

Cheap and Luxurious Kitchen Set Open Shelves

The kitchen is one space that requires a lot of storage considering that there are various tools and utensils that need to be stored in the kitchen. This is where cheap kitchen sets are required to be able to meet the needs of kitchen storage. However, presenting a lot of kitchen storage for storage certainly costs a lot of money. To minimize that, you can use open shelves instead of hanging cabinets in your cheap kitchen set.

To give the impression of luxury, the shelves used to support the load are not too heavy, you can make it happen by using glass supported by iron in the same color as the lower cabinet. Gold and silver colors can also be an alternative to give the impression of luxury.

Simple Kitchen with Tricks

Another trick to creating a cheap kitchen set apart from minimizing details is to combine the use of materials. Table tops, which often cost a lot of money, can be replaced using materials such as wooden boards for kitchen parts that may not require high resistance to water or heat, such as prep tables and islands. For other parts you can use marble, granite, or other special materials.

For the backsplash wall, applying ceramic instead of natural stone is also one way to save costs. To reduce costs more, combine the backsplash with paint walls in certain parts. That way you can allocate costs to maximize the backsplash in parts such as behind the sink or stove. Simple kitchen models like the inspiration above can also be applied at home.

Cheap Kitchen Sets with Minimal Finishing

Finishing is a phase that also costs a lot of money in making cheap kitchen sets. However, if you are not afraid to expose your materials, this can be an economical way that still gives a luxurious impression!

For cheap kitchen sets made of wood or multiplex, instead of painting or coating them with HPL , you can give them a varnish to protect them from water and termite attacks. In addition to saving more costs and simplifying the finishing process, this will give a natural luxurious impression on a kitchen in your residential kitchen.

Also combine the inspiration of this cheap kitchen with various cooking utensils for natural kitchens that export natural materials.

Furniture Combinations for Cheap Kitchen Sets

When eliminating details and minimizing finishing is not enough to reduce the cost of making your cheap kitchen set, start combining a kitchen set with furniture that might be suitable for juxtaposing with a kitchen set such as used kitchen cabinets or a table that can be used as an island. To provide harmony, you can recolor this furniture with a matching tone.

Become More Luxurious with a Touch of Art

Another way to give a luxurious character without spending a fortune for a kitchen set is to use a variety of art items for an artsy impression on a kitchen.

Don’t think this means you will need deep pockets to give art. In fact, you can find a lot of art at an economical price. In addition, the plates, cups, and glass cups that you arrange neatly in an open cabinet can also give their own artsy impression so that a cheap kitchen set can still look luxurious.

Industrial Touch to Body

Not only is it a trend, industrial style is a style that is also considered luxurious for some people. There’s nothing wrong with applying this style to your kitchen because in principle, by exposing the material, you can save costs and also give an industrial impression.

The key is not to be half-hearted! If you want to expose industrial materials, complete it with furniture, a choice of lamps that support industrial styles such as chandeliers and colors that will strengthen the industrial atmosphere of your cheap kitchen set!

Reduce Budget with Open Cabinet

The next cheap kitchen set inspiration that you can try to apply is to open the cabinet. By opening the cabinet, you reduce the use of material for the cabinet doors. You can allocate the cost for other things, such as finishing so that a cheap kitchen set can look luxurious.

In addition to saving costs, this open cabinet can also give the kitchen a wider impression. It’s just that, a cheap kitchen set like this is not suitable for those of you who have a messy kitchen. Because to make one with an open cabinet can still look luxurious, you have to neatly arrange the furniture that can be seen immediately because it is not closed.

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