5 Modern Minimalist Rooftop Pergola Inspirations

Maximize the rooftop area by adding a pergola which is certainly effective in minimizing sunlight and preventing rain from entering the area so that it remains dry and allows you to use it to relax with your family.

Through this article, we will provide inspiration about several minimalist models that you can apply in your home. So, for those of you who want to create a small paradise in your home, starting with maximizing the rooftop area, just choose some of the models below!

Iron Pergola Minimalist Rooftop

Made from an iron structure, of course this minimalist rooftop is very sturdy. What’s more, this is also solid black which can protect the bottom area from the sun so it doesn’t glare and allows you to move comfortably during the day.

If you are interested in adopting this model, you should not apply a model that fills the entire rooftop area. Ideally, it should only be half the size of the rooftop to keep it space-saving and comfortable. Then, just add furniture as needed, such as sofas, dining tables & chairs, or recliners.

Fiber Glass Pergola Minimalist Rooftop

If you want to keep the rooftop area bright, but not too dazzling, then you can use a fiber roof attached to an iron structure to make it more sturdy. The use of fiber material also has many advantages. Among them are the many variants of models and colors that you can choose, anti-rust, anti-leak, anti-noise, and of course it has a light weight so that it is safer and makes the installation process easier.

To perfect the rooftop and maximize the area, you can add a dining table set. You can glance at the Ribe dining table set product from the Livien brand above, which carries a minimalist design and is made using solid mahogany wood which is coated again with duco paint.

Open Pergola Minimalist Rooftop

In fact, this model does not have a roof covering and only consists of an iron frame that is made openly. However, this model, which is just a decoration, is very suitable for those of you who want to fully expose the roof area of ​​the house without looking too plain. To make it more interesting, you can also install garden lights and add some beautiful ornamental plants in the rooftop area so that the overall appearance is more attractive.

Iron and Wood Pergola Minimalist Rooftop

Furthermore, there is a minimalist rooftop pergola model made using a combination of wood and iron materials. Having a charming appearance, of course this model is ready to give a luxurious feel to the residence. You can also add a dining table set, coffee table, or several 1 seater sofas with a minimalist model in this area so that it can be maximized for family gatherings.

Wooden Pergola Rooftop

Made entirely of wood, this rooftop pergola also carries a minimalist design. The use of wood in this pergola model is also very effective in giving the impression of luxury and class in the dwelling.

You can add a dining table set, sofa, or use this area as an open entertainment room because the rooftop pergola can protect various furniture to the maximum, both from rain and sun exposure. Interested in adopting this rooftop pergola model?


Those are some inspirations for a minimalist rooftop pergola that is ready to make the house look more classy and charming. Don’t forget to add a pergola on your rooftop so that dinner time or relaxing with family feels more intimate and fun.

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