7 Best Fitness Equipment Recommendations, Suitable for Home Use

Public awareness to exercise is increasing lately. Especially when the Covid-19 pandemic is not completely over. Fitness is one of the most comfortable exercise options for anyone. However, quite a lot of people do not feel comfortable fitness in public places. One solution that can be done is to buy fitness equipment to use at home.

Best Fitness Equipment Recommendations for Home Use

For those who are still confused about what type of fitness equipment to buy, here are some recommendations for you.

Pull Bar

With sophistication in technology, now you can enjoy a portable version of the pull bar that can be used at home. This tool is a simple type of fitness tool , because it can be mounted on a wall or door. Its own function is to maintain a stronger grip and restrain body movement when doing pull ups .

The tool is shaped like a bar with steel material, which is strong and very safe to use for training. The handle part of this pull bar is also made of foam so it will not be slippery when gripped.

Ab Wheel

The next recommendation is the Ab Wheel , which is a tool in the form of a rotating wheel and has a handle on each side. This tool is usually used to exercise the back muscles, shoulder muscles and also arm muscles and core muscles of the body.

How to use this fitness equipment , by moving the wheel back and forth in a prone position. You should position your body in a half plank for knee support and grip on the ab wheel when your back and arms are straight. Then you can push and pull the tool with the strength of the core muscles of the body.

Static Bike

For those who like light exercise but can still burn calories, you can buy a static bike. Especially if you are lazy to ride a bicycle outside, then this static bike is very practical to improve your fitness. This tool is also very convenient for those of you who are on a diet and want to lose weight.

You can ride a static bike while listening to music and even watching television. In addition, this static bicycle is also fairly safe and comfortable for sports at home.


The fourth recommendation is a treadmill , where this tool is also very safe to use for exercise at home. Currently, the treadmill is also equipped with a sophisticated LCD display to adjust the exercise program. One of them is that there is a feature that can control the heart rate .

Treadmills can also be a tactic to exercise at home while burning calories, without having to suffer. You can also choose a treadmill product according to the user’s weight capacity.

Fitness ball

This fitness equipment is also very flexible for you to use at home and can be used for all ages. This gym ball can also be used for sports for pregnant women or for people who are experiencing certain conditions, in order to improve body health.

Fitness balls can be used for various sports exercises. Starting from balance training, body flexibility to cardio exercise. You can also use a fitness ball for various sports movements.


A kettlebell or also called a weight ball is one of the sports equipment that is used by lifting or swinging it. You can choose this load ball as needed because it weighs from 17 to 44 lbs.

For beginners, you should be able to use both hands when lifting this weight. This weight ball is used for body muscle strengthening exercises. In addition, it can also be used for plank and push up exercises .

Portable Fitness Equipment

The last recommendation is a portable fitness tool that you can use for a narrow room. This tool is a set of tools for fitness that you can use for various sports exercises. Starting from abdominal muscle training, hands to feet can use a set of this fitness product . Interestingly, this product is also very affordable, for those of you who are just starting to be diligent in exercising.


Those were some recommendations for fitness equipment that you can buy for your exercise needs for home use that are both practical and safe. 

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