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Modern Tropical House: A Unique Retreat

The sky always gives light to attractive places. There are many themes and patterns that you can bring from the natural surroundings around your room to give your home a new look and feel. Here are the features of a modern tropical house that looks natural. Modern tropical homes have …

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Not Just The Body, The House Also Needs A Detox, Here’s How!

Not only food that can accumulate toxins in the body, the objects we use everyday also contain substances that threaten health. Some of them are household appliances, kitchen utensils, and cleaning products. Therefore, detox also needs to applied at home. The Environmental Working Group said that the harmful content found …

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What trendy materials will you present in your decor in 2022?

2022 is the end of the trendy materials with an understanding of the meaning and acceptance of raw beauty and enhanced sophistication. Terracotta, metal, ceramics and recycled plastics are common materials throughout the winter. Between the best classics put in the spotlight and the irrational interpretation of return. The designers …

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